Monday, June 13, 2016

13 May 2016--Trip Home!!!! Mission Accomplished!!!!!

Sister Olson, Elder Hamp, Elder Oaks, and Sister Horrocks Returned Missionaries from the FOM.
So glad to see us at our open house.
Good-bye Emma and Matthias--it has been so nice to be with you this week. We love you.
Saying good-bye to Matt, Liz, and baby Clark.
Chloe in her 5th grade school program. They did an outstanding job singing and reciting for an hour!!!
Millie after her dance recital. 
Family get together our first night home!!!!
Mission Accomplished!!! It is great to be back home!!
Friday the 13th May 2016

Emma loved the toy we brought. incredibly bright and pretty.
We were excited to be in UTAH!!

Chicken Dinner at Matt and Liz--Is this a femer.
There are bones to discover in the chicken dinner.
Albequerque Temple with Liz.

The road home was long.

Lubbock, Texas Temple

We must stop in Roswell, New Mexico

Inside the UFO Museum--Roswell, New Mexico

Alien glasses for this alien.

The shower is leaking--Elder Bean and Matt dug right in to fixed it.

Matthias and Emma looking wise and silly at the botanical gardens in Albuquerque

Great way to advertise plumbing.

Never a better place to be than the temple--love this rock solid daughter in law.

We are ready for our open house!!!!

Albequerque Temple fountain

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