Monday, April 25, 2016

18-24 April--Tongan Dinner, Fish Feast with Doctor Nautghon, National Tribute Band

Tongan style dinner at Kaufusi's. Rice, coconut rolls, bananas,salmon, corned beef and spinach, pork, beef brisket. 
Elder Belnap and Elder Chatterton. Their last name is the same of two of my dear friends. (Not Related)
Dinner with the Kaufusi family--Sitieni, Joyce, Wynonna, and Cyprianna by Elder Bean
Kaufusi family singing "Love At Home" in Tongan
Elders Coley, Thayne, Heward, Chatterton, Belnap with us singing "Called to Serve" to Kaufusi family.
It has been an uplifiting experience singing in the Conway Ward choir with director Brother Isley. Sister Isley is an Angel and does everything for him including turning the music pages. He gets around in his motorized wheel chair and does a great job leading--he is able to hold a baton and move his hands. Lord forgive me if a wine-- I have my two legs the world is mine.
We installed Carbon Monoxide Detectors iin many missionary apartments. Here we are with Semoran Spanish Hermanas Jones/VonFeldt. They have a beautiful view with Lake Porter just outside their front door.
We love these smiling Hermanas--Semoran Spanish
Here we are in the Florida room at the home Dr. Naughton and his wife Lena. We had a wonderful fish taco dinner. Dr. Naughton loves to go deep sea fishing and we enjoyed the catch, Mahi Mahi and Tuna. 
Sister Bonnemort saying hello to Lena's horse. Naughton's live in a country setting on a beautiful 2 acre lot with a barn, a garden, 2 horses and chickens. 
Naughton's back yard
Elders Belnap and Hummer with the new baby chicks.
She sings with the Nashville Tribute Band
All the Elders with the singer of the Nashville Tribute Band
Nahsville Tribute Band
Behind the scenes before the Nashville Tribute Band Concert.
Elders Bigler and Ashworth
Dinner with Elder Ashworth one of our favorite AP's
Got this fortune.
Pizza party with Conway East Elders Coley/Chatterton
Anhinga drying his wings.
Senior district Family Home Evening

Thursday, April 21, 2016

11-17 April 2016--Arkansas Little Rock Mission Conference and Daytona Speedway

In the early 1900's Stock Car Racing was born on Daytona Beach. This is the place of racing's "The North Turn". 
Sister Johnson on the deck of "The North Turn"
Windy Day on Daytona Beach. Indiana Jones did not loose his hat.
Sister Ellie Johnson and Sister Tony Walker on the deck of racing's "North Turn"
Elder and Sister Stokes at racings "North Turn" restaurant. 
Elder and Sister Bird at racing's "North Turn" enjoying lunch with the senior district.
Elder and Sister Corder from Colorado are assigned to Daytona for their mission area..
Elder and Sister Taylor from St. George, Utah came are Member Leader Support in Tituaville, Florida.

The "North Turn" Salad, fish tacos, and clam chowder hit the spot.
21 February 2016 the Daytona 500, NASCAR's premier event.was won for the first time ever by a Toyota. This is a replica of the winning car at the Daytona International Speedway. Loved the Tour.
The Florida Orlando Mission senior district are all winners--standing on Victory Lane. We all loved the tour of Daytona International Speedway. R-L Front row: Sister Bird, Sister and Elder Corder, Elder and Sister Bonneort, Elder and Sister Stokes, Elder and Sister Lewis, Back Row: Elder Bird, Elder and Sister Taylor, Elder and Sister Zechiel, Sister Walker, Sister Johnson, Sister and Elder Bean
Panorama view near the "Pit Stop" with the 101,000 seats in the back graound.
Sister Tony Walker, Sister Ellie Walker, and Sister Bean waiting for to tour Daytona International Speedway
Our Tour Guide tells the courageous story of the nine black students that first integrated in 1957 into Little Rock Central High School.
Little Rock Central High School was build in the early 1950's costing 1.5 million.
This MOBILE station is part of the Little Rock Central High School Tour--as it looked in the 50's.

Old Mill near the Arkansas River in Little Rock, where a scene from "Gone With the Wind" was filmed. It is used for receptions and a great setting for photo shoots.
Very flexible
President Wakolo teaching the Elders in Zone Conference.
Memphis Temple is part of the Little Rock Arkansas Mission.
Love your airplane tie, Elder--Little Rock, Arkansas

Dinner at Olive Garden with Wakolo's and the medical team--Sister Thompson on the left is the mission nurse.
Enjoying dinner at the Olive Garden. President Wakolo had everyone tell about their family.
Fancy meeting another Davis Dart in Little Rock, Arkansas
Missionaries sing Little Rock Mission song for the Senior Missionaries and those who prepared the food during lunch.
Elder Argyle--Arkansas Little Rock Mission
Flying to Little Rock Arkansas from Orlando. Turbulance from clouds.