Friday, March 25, 2016

Visit Fort Walton Beach Florida Dance Academy,Visit Little Rock Arkansas Mission,American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery in Orlando 1-5 March 2016

Located on Boggy Creek in Niceville, Florida

What an honor for Brooklyn Burbidge to be "Cinderella"
This lady remembers when she was 16 years old and Dr. Bean "saved her life" He took a cyst out of her elbow at Eglin Airforce Base Hospital. We were stationed there 36 years ago. Now she is the principle of the Dance Academy in Niceville, Florida.
This Osceola Turkey met Elder Bean on his walk near Shingle Creek.
36 year reunion. These were fellow residents at Lackland Air Force Base. They came to Orlando for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.  
We had wonderful early bird dinner overlooking Boggy Bayou in Niceville Florida before going to see "Cinderella" ballet.
It is very rare that we see a turtle just outside our apartment door.
We had a great dinner at Florida Seafood when we drove to Cocoa on Leap Day. 
On leap day we dropped the Mormon Pioneer Handcart off at Central Florida Youth and Family Camp. The senior missionaries that serve at the camp live in these mobile homes. 
Thank you Raymond's for the beautiful flowers for my birthday.
Taylor, Katherine, Scott, Landon Burbidge at "Cinderella" ballet in Niceville, Florida
My birthday dinner at Maggiano's
Cinderella ballet in Niceville, Florida we met up with Shawna, Rebecca, and Lindsay with her baby
 Saying good bye to Dr. Tom and Elizabeth Watson
Elder Bean attended the meetings this year 2016 in Orlando--March 1-5
Emily Rees Carlton attended the ballet with her two daughters Sienna and Capri.
Emily said, "say hi to Kat for me."
Mikell, Katherine, Brooklyn after "Cinderella"

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