Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mississippi Jackson Mission Zone Conference--8-14 February 2016

Sister Oliver was baptized July 2015 and met the Mission President and his wife,Sister Olsen at her baptism. When they found out she was a retired nurse they felt she was an answer to prayer--the Jackson Mission needed a nurse, they were praying for a nurse, and Sister Oliver was placed in their path at just the right time to help fill that need. They both were thrilled--Helping with missionary health helped ease the void of a retired nurse and she has done a wonderful job. 
The Mississippi Jackson Mission Medical Team: Elder and Sister Bean, Area Medical Adviser visiting the mission, Sister Reyndors mission support, Sister Oliver--mission nurse, Elder Reyndors--mission nurse and support. There are times when someone you meet seems very familiar. That is the way I felt when I met Sister Reyndors and she said she felt the same.
What could be better when visiting a mission than to meet someone from home. Elder Holbrook is from our home, Hidden Valley Ward of Kaysville, Utah. Today at Gulf Port Zone Conference he was presented with "The Life Saving Award" from The Boy Scouts of America. President handed this medal of honor to him during the meeting in front of all the missionaries. He was not able to go into detail because he was so emotional but he saved his Grandfather's life when a storm suddenly stirred up at Willard Bay and their boat was capsized. They were in the 55* water for nearly an hour with one life jacket and a cell phone, which he held above water and used it to call for help. He knew it was a miracle that they survived.
Elder and Sister Campbell from Ogden, Utah are serving in the Mississippi Jackson Mission--he takes care of the cars and she does office work. Look at the wonderful meal we were served at Hattiesburg Zone--baked potato bar, salad, chocolate covered strawberries, cheese cake, and popcorn balls for a valentine treat.
Tuesday evening we drove from Hattisburg to Jackson, Mississippi. We were about a mile from the mission home when we drove by this restaurant sign and decided to stop to eat since we were staying in the mission home and President and Sister Olsen were about an hour behind us. It was a high class place with excellent food. So glad!   
Elder and Sister Reynders--it was cold outside and the heat was not working in the chapel so we were all wearing coats.
Sister Oliver the mission nurse was so happy to see two of the Elders that taught her the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Vicksburg National Cemetery in the Vicksburg National Civil War Park
Vicksburg National Civil War Park Cemetery. Herein lies the fallen Civil War Soldiers.
Sunset overlooking the Mississippi River in charming town of Vicksburg, Mississippi.
President and Sister Olsen do such a wonderful job leading the Mississippi Jackson Mission.
Mississippi Jackson Mission--Hattiesburg Zone
Mississippi Jackson Mission--Shreveport Louisiana Zone

President and Sister Olsen make a great team.
Elder and Sister Bean with President and Sister Olsen--Mississippi Jackson Mission
Saturday evening on or trip home, we stopped in Mariana, Florida to visit with Elder and Sister Wright. Sister Wright is the Florida Tallahassee Mission nurse. The Elder in the black sweater was having some shoulder problems so we met them at Wrights place so Elder Bean could give him a face to face exam. 
Elder and Sister Wright serving in Mariana, Florida. They have been serving for about 2 months.

After a great dinner with Elder and Sister Wright we paused for pictures then said our good-byes. We have a 5 hour drive ahead of us before we are home in Orlando.So fine to meet these dedicated Saints in a small town near Tallahassee. 
Dinner at "Up the Creek Cafe" in Mariana was great. Loved the Shrimp 'n Gritts and the company.

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