Thursday, February 4, 2016

Smiling--24-31 January 2016

Choir practice in Conway Ward: Sister Charlotte Tweed has a beautiful soprano voice. She has been very kind to us, at Christmas time she gave us a gift certificate for dinner at "Cracker Barrel"
My daily routine in the morning. 20 minutes on the bike and a walk around the pond.
Elder and Sister Zechiel live in Orlando and serve full time in the mission office over cars and referrals.
Elder and Sister Johnson are departing in a few weeks. They started out as MLS missionaries then when there was a need for a secretary in the office they were asked to fill that need and they did with a willing heart--without hesitation. 
Elder and Sister Bonnemort--mission nurse and her assistant--they have helped the missionaries in so many ways.
Elder and Sister Rasmussen--the new office secretary and mission finance manager.
We love President and Sister Berry--They are doing an excellent job leading the Florida Orlando Mission--Called of God.
Mission Office staff farewell dinner for Elder and Sister Johnson--great Italian Food 
Mission office staff--on the left--Sister Bean, President Berry, Sister Rasmussen, Elder Rasmussen, Elder Bonnemort, Sister Bonnemort--on the right--Elder Bean, Sister Berry, Sister Johnson, Elder Johnson, Elder Zechiel, Sister Zechiel.
The sisters waiting for the Air Boat ride at Wild Florida
We were teasing Elder Bonnemort (Wild Forida) about his bright shoes--the gators will get you if you don't watch out.
Wild Florida--Cypress Lake--This tree is thought to be hundreds of years old.
We spotted several alligators aboard the Air Boat exploring Cypress Lake of Wild Florida.
Senior District January activity--Wild Florida Air boat ride on Cypress Lake.
I think his name is Dave, the air boat driver of Cypress Lake at Wild Florida.

After our Wild Florida adventure we drove to Sebring, Florida to take the Booth to Elders Goff and Rowley. We were entertained at this 1960 Cadillac carting an electric wheel chair. The last car my mother drove was a black 1960 Cadillac 

Elder Heward and Elder Garcia of the Conway Ward. We took them to the Waffle House for dinner 28 January 2016.

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