Thursday, January 14, 2016

We drove 700 miles this week--10 January 2016

Enjoying a few moments--The Elders of the Conway Ward
Rowley, Black, Garcia, Goff, Coley, Gale
waiting for an early morning meeting with Bishop Gilger.
Conway Ward Relief Society Sisters--Liz Coursin, Lois,, Joyce Luning, Sherri Brun, Karen Wernli
Dinner with Marilene,Evelyn, Emilie De Oliveira--fun to be together
The other end of the Table--Elder Silva, Elder CP Bean, Elder Greenwood
Gatorland has more than just Gators
I have never seen so many Gators.
Entering Gatorland--Saturday, 9 Jan 2016
Watch out for them Gators
Elder Clark and Elder Bakley at Casselberry Art and Music in the Dark.Friday 8 Jan 2016
This is our Booth At Casselberry--we often forget something--tonight it was signs
3 Sisters on a Church Tour with an investigator and her children.
Charlie Camoron is a consultant at the Family History Library.
So glad we were able to help Sister Rivera 
Bill and Bonnie Oliver at the Family History Library--Bill is there every Tuesday and Wednesday evenings
Elder and Sister Bird at "Stake and Shake"
Elder and Sister Johnson at "Stake n Shake"

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