Tuesday, January 26, 2016

February 2016--Face to face in Tampa

New Arrival
New Arrival with his companions
After the tennis match with mother and grandmother
like mother like daughter--Cusick daughter does to a tennis academy for High School in Tampa
Tampa's nurse and her husband--Elder and Sister Alexander
President Cusick and His first lady, Florida Tampa Mission.
Smile!!! Dr. Elder Bean 
Thank you for inviting us to dinner!
Ruby T's for dinner with the AP's and Bonnemorts.
Nurse and her assistant Elder and Sister Bonnemort at Ruby Tuesday.
AP's-- Elder Ashworth and Elder Gooch--I think we are related

Monday, January 18, 2016

January 2016--2 conferences and Booth Event

Sister Olsen will be going home soon. Just wanted to have dinner together for old times sake--Panera Bread--
Just finished cutting Sister Johnson's hair.

New AP's--Elder Johnson and Elder Ashworth

Definitely a tire problem.

I Love and pray for my children

Word of Wisdom poster at the Health Fair--a Spiritually and Physically Healthy way to live.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

We drove 700 miles this week--10 January 2016

Enjoying a few moments--The Elders of the Conway Ward
Rowley, Black, Garcia, Goff, Coley, Gale
waiting for an early morning meeting with Bishop Gilger.
Conway Ward Relief Society Sisters--Liz Coursin, Lois,, Joyce Luning, Sherri Brun, Karen Wernli
Dinner with Marilene,Evelyn, Emilie De Oliveira--fun to be together
The other end of the Table--Elder Silva, Elder CP Bean, Elder Greenwood
Gatorland has more than just Gators
I have never seen so many Gators.
Entering Gatorland--Saturday, 9 Jan 2016
Watch out for them Gators
Elder Clark and Elder Bakley at Casselberry Art and Music in the Dark.Friday 8 Jan 2016
This is our Booth At Casselberry--we often forget something--tonight it was Mormon.org signs
3 Sisters on a Church Tour with an investigator and her children.
Charlie Camoron is a consultant at the Family History Library.
So glad we were able to help Sister Rivera 
Bill and Bonnie Oliver at the Family History Library--Bill is there every Tuesday and Wednesday evenings
Elder and Sister Bird at "Stake and Shake"
Elder and Sister Johnson at "Stake n Shake"