Monday, June 13, 2016

13 May 2016--Trip Home!!!! Mission Accomplished!!!!!

Sister Olson, Elder Hamp, Elder Oaks, and Sister Horrocks Returned Missionaries from the FOM.
So glad to see us at our open house.
Good-bye Emma and Matthias--it has been so nice to be with you this week. We love you.
Saying good-bye to Matt, Liz, and baby Clark.
Chloe in her 5th grade school program. They did an outstanding job singing and reciting for an hour!!!
Millie after her dance recital. 
Family get together our first night home!!!!
Mission Accomplished!!! It is great to be back home!!
Friday the 13th May 2016

Emma loved the toy we brought. incredibly bright and pretty.
We were excited to be in UTAH!!

Chicken Dinner at Matt and Liz--Is this a femer.
There are bones to discover in the chicken dinner.
Albequerque Temple with Liz.

The road home was long.

Lubbock, Texas Temple

We must stop in Roswell, New Mexico

Inside the UFO Museum--Roswell, New Mexico

Alien glasses for this alien.

The shower is leaking--Elder Bean and Matt dug right in to fixed it.

Matthias and Emma looking wise and silly at the botanical gardens in Albuquerque

Great way to advertise plumbing.

Never a better place to be than the temple--love this rock solid daughter in law.

We are ready for our open house!!!!

Albequerque Temple fountain

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

2-8 May 2016--Our final week and Departure

We love the tall trees that line the roads in Florida. Good Bye, it has been fun.
The beautiful Houston Temple in Spring Texas about 15 minutes from Scott and Susan Rosenlund's house.
This is our final good-bye to President and Sister Berry.
Loved being in the Orlando Temple one last time with the departing missionaries.
Our Car was pack so tight we were sure if we turned a corner too fast it would burst.
Scott and Susan treated us to their favorite Mexican Food Restaurant--will you look at this fish.
Yes we enjoyed the tender flesh and left the head and bones.
We were guest for two nights in Houston in the lovely home of Scott and Susan Rosenlund.
Scott is a high school friend whose father baptized Chuck when he was 18 years old.
Our last night we went to Jimmy Hula's with Elders Ashworth/Egan/Johnson--three favorite.
Big Surprise!!! Sister Pack and her family stopped by the Orlando Mission Office.
Elder and Sister Rasmussen joined us for dinner at Biergarten (Bavarian Buffet).
We watched the oompah bands and dancing.
Our last visit to EPCOT we spent some time in the aquarium and were amazed at the Dolphin Tricks. 
I enjoyed these beautiful tulips Angela and Art sent me for Mother's Day the last week
of our mission. Always so thoughtful.
Baby Al was visible the very last day Elder Bean walked around the pond.

David and Lorna Deloach met us and the Elders at Jimmy Hula's for our last dinner ever in the Florida Orlando Mission.

Dr. Naughton was so kind to the missionaries and helped Dr. Elder Bean and the nurse with their care.

Elder Dr Bean went deep sea fishing with Dr. Naughton.
It was a successful day.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

25 April-1 May 2016--Saying Goodbye

Elder Chatterton at the Saturday Evening Orlando Stake Conference Session
Elder James at the Saturday Evening Orlando Stake Conference Session
Maggiano's with President and Sister Berry--they have dedicated three years to the missionaries in FOM
The best people--President and Bethan
Florida Orlando Office Staff Dinner at Urban Hibachi --Elder and Sister Bonnemort, Elder and Sister Zechiel, Elder and Sister Rasmussen, Elder and Sister Bean, AP's Elders Johnson/Ashworth
Good Morning Mr. Turtle
Elder Bean found the turtle on his morning walk.
Cherry Cooper is beautiful, dresses classy--We enjoyed dinner with her and visited for 3 1/2 hours. Love her.
It was our pleasure to have dinner with Cherry Cooper. She loves the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Mini Golf  at Congo River Golf with the Senior District--Lewis, Corder, Taylors, Birds, Stokes, Ellie Johnson
and yours truly there in the back.

Monday, April 25, 2016

18-24 April--Tongan Dinner, Fish Feast with Doctor Nautghon, National Tribute Band

Tongan style dinner at Kaufusi's. Rice, coconut rolls, bananas,salmon, corned beef and spinach, pork, beef brisket. 
Elder Belnap and Elder Chatterton. Their last name is the same of two of my dear friends. (Not Related)
Dinner with the Kaufusi family--Sitieni, Joyce, Wynonna, and Cyprianna by Elder Bean
Kaufusi family singing "Love At Home" in Tongan
Elders Coley, Thayne, Heward, Chatterton, Belnap with us singing "Called to Serve" to Kaufusi family.
It has been an uplifiting experience singing in the Conway Ward choir with director Brother Isley. Sister Isley is an Angel and does everything for him including turning the music pages. He gets around in his motorized wheel chair and does a great job leading--he is able to hold a baton and move his hands. Lord forgive me if a wine-- I have my two legs the world is mine.
We installed Carbon Monoxide Detectors iin many missionary apartments. Here we are with Semoran Spanish Hermanas Jones/VonFeldt. They have a beautiful view with Lake Porter just outside their front door.
We love these smiling Hermanas--Semoran Spanish
Here we are in the Florida room at the home Dr. Naughton and his wife Lena. We had a wonderful fish taco dinner. Dr. Naughton loves to go deep sea fishing and we enjoyed the catch, Mahi Mahi and Tuna. 
Sister Bonnemort saying hello to Lena's horse. Naughton's live in a country setting on a beautiful 2 acre lot with a barn, a garden, 2 horses and chickens. 
Naughton's back yard
Elders Belnap and Hummer with the new baby chicks.
She sings with the Nashville Tribute Band
All the Elders with the singer of the Nashville Tribute Band
Nahsville Tribute Band
Behind the scenes before the Nashville Tribute Band Concert.
Elders Bigler and Ashworth
Dinner with Elder Ashworth one of our favorite AP's
Got this fortune.
Pizza party with Conway East Elders Coley/Chatterton
Anhinga drying his wings.
Senior district Family Home Evening