Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cracker Christmas Festival in Fort Christmas Florida 5 Dec 2015

Dressed in our pioneer attire we spent the day with the Booth at Fort Christmas, Florida. It is a wonderful
opportunity to talk to others about Family History, The Restored Gospel of Jesus
Christ, and answer questions that they might have. We placed about 6 Book of Mormons.

Sister Gibson and Sister Ackley--Titusville North Sisters passed out "A Savior is Born" cards--inviting others to discover WHY WE NEED A SAVIOR. The 2 minute video reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas. The Church is True.
Elder Demille and Elder Larsen pulling Sisters Gibson and Ackley with the handcart.
They gave over 100 youngsters a ride in the Pioneer Handcart at the Cracker Christmas Festival.
We demonstrated The Mormon Pioneer Handcart at Fort Christmas. This handcart comes from The Deseret Youth and Family Camp--handcarts are used there for youth and family groups to go on Trek--to walk the walk of pioneers, We pulled it from Deseret Ranch early the morning and walked all the way to the Ft. Christmasl. Actually it loads into the back of the FOM Chevy truck and that is how we pulled it.. We always want to remember the sacrifice the early Pioneers made to gather to Zion.. 
A great ride--pulled by human hands--After Elder DeMille and Elder Larsen were worn out
the senior Elders started pulling. There was one lady that wanted to try the pulled so I did it with her.

The children loved riding in the handcart. We pulled over 100 children.

Elders taking a ride in the handcart. It was a warm 82* day in Christmas Florida.

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