Monday, December 14, 2015

Jennings baptism and Conway Ward Christmas party--12 December 2015

Jimmy Jennings Jr. was baptized by Elder Garcia with Elder Rowley as one of the witnesses. His story: Jimmy had been taught by missionaries 2 years ago but there were some things he had to clear up in his life so he wasn't baptized at that time. Then he moved to the Conway Ward area and lost track of the missionaries. A few weeks ago Jimmy saw Rowley/Garcia biking--he stopped his truck by the side of the road to talk to them. Of course they were thrilled when he told them he wanted to be baptized. He was so excited and so ready to commit to living the commandments of the Lord. He told me Sunday that he does not ever want to go back to his previous life. He loves to read his scriptures--a great way to stay close to the Lord.

Conway ward had their Christmas Party at the Primrose Center. It is a school for the Mentally Handicapped. Our Relief Society President, Liz Courson is the director of the Center.. Approximately 50 of the Handicapped Students came to the party, were served dinner, and  then given a gift sack that was provided by ward members.  
Here are some of the Ward Members mingling with the Primrose Center students/residents. 

We served a turkey dinner for the students/residence of Primrose Center, then Santa Came and passed out their gifts.
They were so excited to get their $10.00 package.

Elder Gale, Elder Goff, Elder Rowley, Elder Garcia served the plates of food
at the Ward Party. These are the best young men the world has to offer--we have enjoyed
serving with them in the Conway Ward.

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