Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas 2015

Oh, Holy Night--this beautiful white Nativity is on the Orlando Temple Grounds.

The Sister Missionaries and recent converts outside the Orlando Temple on this lovely 72* evening: left to right--Sister Rivera, Christopher Mera, Mariel Mera, Sister Fiefiia, Sister Bronson. Such a joy to be in the temple just before Christmas.

Orlando Temple-- Christopher and Mariel Mera--They were married and he was baptized a week ago. Tonight they came to be baptized by proxy for some of their ancestors who didn't have the chance in their life time. Peaceful and Beautiful.

A Savior is Born. Discover Why!

Our simple Christmas Decorations. We had a progressive Dinner on Christmas Day.Appetizers--Elder and Sister Dale Johnson, Tomato Bisque Soup--Sister Toni Walker and Sister Ellie Johnson, Main Course, Ham and Potatoes--Elders and Sister Bird, Dessert--cranberry cake, ice cream, bananas and toppings--Elder and Sister Bean. We sat around and talked until 10pm. 

The beautiful Poinsettia on our porch. 

Our three foot tree had ornaments we have collected this past 19 months. Elder Bean got a unique pizza cutter. After we opened our presents to each other we did face-time with Wade, Suzanne, David, and talked to Kat. Mary had just moved into a new home in Portland and we got a tour of her home. Later in the evening we talked to Nathaniel.

Thank you to our many friends and family that sent us Christmas Cards.

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