Sunday, November 8, 2015

Primrose Center Service Project

The Primrose Center is a school for the mentally handicapped ie. special needs. There were 4 Wards in the Orlando Stake that got together on October 10th to paint, sod, weed/landscape, roof, and power wash the campus. There were hundreds of people that volunteered to work on this project. The white poles on the left were sanded and repainted. Notice the depression on the right, it was contoured by a back hoe to retain the water during a heavy rain.

This overhang was completely re shingled and the rotting plywood was ripped out and replaced. A team of men under the direction of a professional roofer spent the day on this project.

They painted this computer room bright yellow!

The garden boxes were cleaned out and in the near future this lawn will have a canopy 

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