Sunday, September 6, 2015

Hazel Harper's Baptism

We were honored that Hazel asked Elder Bean to perform her baptism. We met the Harper family
 in the Kissimmee Ward the first day we attended church the first week of our mission.  Ruby and Jamie
were confirmed that very day. Maibelline was baptized  and confirmed a few months later.
In June 2015, one year later, they moved to Stark, Florida --2 1/2 hours north of Orlando.

Sister Bean with the Harper family after the baptism: Sister Bean loves this family, Maibeline--her mom's best helper, Hazel just turned 8, Jamie always has perfect hair, Ruby holding onto James Jr., and Fletcher loves to pose for the camera.

We met Elder Edwards and Elder Ward (both from Kaysville) when we went to the Stark Ward for Hazel's baptism
Sister Bean ie, Jolynn Hollist used to babysit Elder Wards mother Natalie Bowman when she was a baby.

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