Monday, September 28, 2015

25 September 2015--Raymond's Baptism

Elder Bean was honored that Raymond asked him the perform his baptism on 26 September

The Elders that taught Raymond

Kissimmee Ward Baptism

Monday, September 14, 2015

Good Bye to Boyntons

Elder and Sister Boynton are going home this week. We have loved getting to know this faithful couple. They have served in Daytona Beach and Deland as Member Support. They have seen miracles in the mission.

Happy Birthday, Elder Boynton

Kyle Poirier

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Gio"s Baptism, Dinner with the Zechiels, Conway Choir, The ultimatemember missionary

Giomar Onex Toro was baptised by Elder OHare and taught by Elder Rowley who is training OHare.
Don't these missionaries keep looking younger.

Elder Bonnemort was surprised when we sang Happy Birthday to him bearing a cake with lighted candles. We were lauhging so hard when he told us  Florida's law according to red light running. The lights in Florida are so long drivers run through when they are turning red. The law actually stats if you have passed the crosswalk before it turns red--no ticket. Words cannot describe how funny he was when he talks about waiting for a green light in Florida.

Sister Zechiel's friend made this cake for the dinner party at her house. When she and Sister Berry went to light the candles she couldn't find a match so they asked Elder Bean--Mr. Prepared--if he had a lighter. "No, but I have a mini torch." he said and he went out to the car to get it. Everyone was very impressed.
Elder and Sister Zechiel have lived in Orlando, Florida for a year and a half and are serving as full time missionaries working in the Mission Office. They hosted a dinner party for the office staff at their home. There were 10 of us: Berry's, Beans, Bonnemorts, Johnsons, and Zechiels After they retired they moved from Illinois to be near some of their Florida grandchildren. They have made some lovely improvements on their home to update the decor!

We went with Elders Rowley/OHare to give the sacrament to this faithful couple, Brother and Sister Johnson. He is in his 80's and very ill and she is the Ultimate Member Missionary. She has dedicated her home to missionary work. She invites the missionaries to teach lessons in her home, has Book of Mormons waiting to give to anyone she meets and she has an active card file of people she is fellow shipping and inviting to receive the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sister Johnson is the Ultimate Member Missionary. Behind this curtain is a list of her contacts.

Transfers, Meet the Kreibergs, Dinner with the Conway Elders

This is Sister Kreiberg and her mother, Sister Kreiberg. They came from Denmark to visit the Florida Orlando Mission where young Sister Kreiberg was a missionary until March 2015. When she came to visit the mission office we took them to lunch at the Tropical Cabana Restaurant one of her favorite places to eat when she was serving in Lake Nona near the mission office. They have delicious plantains, roasted pork, chicken, rice and beans--yum.

Sister Weston/Bridgewater STL's serving in Leesburg.
Elder Bean took their picture at transfers because he thinks they look alike. 

Conway West Elders OHare/Rowley are in the ward into which we have recently been transferred.
We had dinner with them on Friday 28 August 2015.

Conway East Elders Hilton/Goff invited us to their apartment to eat dinner. They fixed Chicken Alfredo--this was the first time we have had the privilege to eat in an Elder's apartment. 

Kevin Arguilla's Farewell Party, Callen Wright's Baptism, Moving Senior Apartments, Kennedy Space Center.

Callen Wright with her Mother Carrie Wright.
Callen was baptized on 29 Aug her 9th birthday.

Elders Ashworth/Terry at Callen Wright's baptism. We had the privilege to go with them to teach Callen.

Elders Ashworth/Terry in our Sequoia on our way to teach Callen and Carrie.

These are the cutest cupcakes that we found at Kevin Arguilla's missionary farewell party.

That tiny white speck at the bottom of the tall white missile to the left of the Atlantis sign is Elder Bean.
It is hard to capture in a photo just how huge Atlantis truly is.

Titusville South Elders DeMille/Breeden/Clark came to help us move the furniture into an apartment for Elder/Sister Taylor.
We had moved the furniture from Palm Bay on Saturday 29 August

Selfie in front of the Atlantis.

Elder Bori lives in Orlando--he and his wife have been called on a local mission to help move furniture in and out of missionary apartments. He said if I had a dollar for every item I have moved I would be a millionaire. We are so grateful for his service. The number of missionaries fluctuates so apartments are being opened and closed. 

Hazel Harper's Baptism

We were honored that Hazel asked Elder Bean to perform her baptism. We met the Harper family
 in the Kissimmee Ward the first day we attended church the first week of our mission.  Ruby and Jamie
were confirmed that very day. Maibelline was baptized  and confirmed a few months later.
In June 2015, one year later, they moved to Stark, Florida --2 1/2 hours north of Orlando.

Sister Bean with the Harper family after the baptism: Sister Bean loves this family, Maibeline--her mom's best helper, Hazel just turned 8, Jamie always has perfect hair, Ruby holding onto James Jr., and Fletcher loves to pose for the camera.

We met Elder Edwards and Elder Ward (both from Kaysville) when we went to the Stark Ward for Hazel's baptism
Sister Bean ie, Jolynn Hollist used to babysit Elder Wards mother Natalie Bowman when she was a baby.