Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ronda and Bobbie get Married

Bobby and Ronda were married in the bishops office on 16 August 2015.
A happy day!

Bishop Bohman gave them some good words of advise and they said "I do".
Marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God.

Ronda has been a solid investigator and loves the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
The Gospel is Gods standard for his children.

Their baby was smiling and talking to me during the ceremony--so distracting.

Maritza and her brother, Jessie, came to church and to the wedding.
Maritza and Ronda are getting baptized on August 31st--Ronda introduced these two to the missionaries.. 

Ronda's step dad---in the white shirt between the Missionaries--contemplates the wedding vows..

Bishop Bohman of the Kissimmee Ward in his office just before the ceremony

Nest to Sister Bean--Sister Wakefield, the Kissimmee Ward Relief Society President,
and Elizabeth a new member and friend to Ronda.

Bobby and Ronda with their two boys Matthew and Logan, thank the missionaries
 Elder Egan and Elder Blackburn for teaching them.the missionary lessons.
Families can be together forever.

The Bishops office was filled with family and friends during the wedding.

Jessie helps out by holding Matthew . April Gaston smiles at the newly weds.

Elder Egan and Elder Ashworth are two of the best missionaries in the Florida Orlando Mission.
So glad we were able to know them. This is the last day in Kissimmee Ward for Elder and Sister Bean..

Temple Tour, Our 44th Wedding Anniversary, Melissa's 50th Birthday,

In a heavy rainstorm we drove Maritza, her mother, and brother Jessie to the Orlando Temple with Elders Egan and Blackburn for the Temple Tour. President Wood of the mission presidency gave a lecture: Why Mormon's build temples--he told us to look for 5 things as we walk around the grounds: the Angel Moroni on the top with his trumpet pointing East; the corner stone that reads "Erected in 1994'; the front doors facing East with no nobs (Christ's entry); the baptismal font that we cannot see but know it is in the basement; the beautiful windows on the second floor where families are sealed for time and all eternity. As we walked around with white umbrellas Maritza's 82 year old mother said, "I've never seen anything so beautiful," She is a very religious person and loves the Bible and Jesus.

I love the shiny front door of the Orlando Temple. It is truly THE HOUSE OF THE LORD. Maritza is getting baptized on 31August 2015. When she walked into the temple to pick up an umbrella and saw the man at the front desk dressed in whiteshe said she felt like she had walked into heaven. There is so much peace and beauty in the temple. 

These are the flowers Elder Bean gave me for our 44th wedding anniversary--Lily and Alstroemeria. We enjoyed the day together, our drive to Leesburg with Helen and Butch, meeting Melissa on her 50th birthday, and dinner alone at
Outback Steak House. 

We surprised Melissa on her 50th birthday by giving her mom and papa a ride to Leesburg so they could be together at the church dance. Melissa was so surprised--we took this picture minutes after we arrived. Melissa's friend in the blue shirt looked the most surprised.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wedding of Glenda Flores and J Matthew Williams

Glenda Flores got married to Matt Williams (Lydia Svejda’s son) in the Kissimmee Ward Chapel on Friday night. We saw her that morning in the Celestial Room of the temple and she was praying and crying and I was worried that something had gone wrong. As she was leaving we talked to her and she said that she had come to the temple of the thank God that she had been able to find a husband. The wedding was at 6 PM and about quarter after six the bishop told everyone that the bride had not arrived because she got stuck in traffic--I would've worried that she had changed her mind if it hadn't been for what she told us in the temple. Kevin Arguelles was playing Hymns on the organ and they gave him the signal that the bride was coming so he played the Brides Processional—no one came--He went back to playing Hymns—This happened three times before Glenda actually walked down the aisle. Glenda is a beautiful lady and she looked extra elegant in her white dress. Before performing the ceremony Bishop Bohman read from the Proclamation to the family: Marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God and is central to the Creator's plan for the eternal destiny of His children. 
Glenda and Matt were first in line for the dinner that was served at the wedding.

The newly wed Glenda Williams will move to Tennessee where Matthew lives.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Temple session with the missionaries in Hunters Creek Zone 7 August 2015

This the view we enjoyed outside the temple after the session.
Hermanas Rivera, Moody, Stokey rode with us to the temple--love Kissimmee Hermanas.

Elder and Sister Stokes, seniors assigned to Pleasant Hill, brought the Elders from their ward.
Here they are posing by the fountain in front of the Orlando Temple.

Elder Paiva and Olglesby--Hunters Creek Spanish and Portuguese--have been teaching and baptizing residence
in our apartment complex.We have enjoyed inviting them into our humble abode for lessons and dinner.

Poinciana Elders Reeves, Godinet, and Bates with a member who drove them to the temple.
 (Bates (on the right) has been a member for 2 years and was baptized by Spencer's nephew)

Hermans Moody, Rivera, Stokey, Sisters Johnson, Quinton, Gibson, Horrocks, Stimspon, Burnette, and Crowley
--we have such fond memories with these missionaries from the Hunters Creek Zone.

Our own Kissimmee Ward Elders Egan, Blackburn, Terry, Ashworth--top of the line.

Brother Howe, Brother Benjamin and Sister Glorianne Mackean brought the Kissimmee Elders to the temple.

Saying goodbye to the Spencers

We went to Hollywood Studios with Elder and Sister Spencers to see the "Frozen Sing Along". This show is so popular we had to get fast pass tickets 24 hours ahead. It was a rainy day and it really came down for 30 minutes after this show..
Elder and Sister Bean on Main Street Hollywood Studios with Elder and Sister Spencer
Spencer's last Senior Family Home Evening, they gave the lesson on the last talks given by Apostles before they died. They then gave each of the Senior Couples a Cookbook put together by Sister Spencer and a book of pictures taken by Elder Spencer. They worked hard putting together these treasures.
Sunday dinner with Elder and Sister Spencer and President and Sister Berry just minutes before we said final good bye.
God be with you 'til we meet again. 
Elder and Sister Spencer with Elder and Sister Bean--August 9, 2015.
 It just so happens it is the Berry's and the Spencers wedding anniversaries.

Scuba Diving in EPCOT Aquarium Sat. 24 January 2015

Here we are in the EPCOT Aquarium SCUBA diving with the well fed Sharks.
Perfect temperature, safe environment, and an audience. 
I held onto Elder Bean's arm the entire dive or I very well could have floated to the surface.

Thanks to John Dickson (Marine Biologist at EPCOT Aquarium) for arranging this dive.
John and his wife Mary are members of the Kissimmee Ward--we have loved getting to know them.

Outside the EPCOT Aquarium spectators watch the underwater life and divers.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Baptism of Sean and Josh 5 August 2015

On Wednesday Evening we went to the baptism of Josh and Sean Quinones 11 and 13-year-old brothers that were baptized by their 17 year old brother, Austin. Kevin Arguelles and his sister Krishell brought these brothers to church. Their parents came to the baptism but are not members==thry have 3 sons with incredible testimonies—so prepared to accept the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ at a young age. Elder Ashworth and Terry taught them the lessons.

Finding the Homeless--23 July 2015

Sister Bonnemort has her sunscreen and wants to be sure no one gets a Sunburn. Elder Langston is very cooperative.

The Missionaries in Hunters Creek and Orlando Stakes participated in a service project finding the Homeless in Downtown Orlando. Elder Bean said we had 3 hours of lectures for 2 hours of finding.

They are holding Elder Cotton down while Sister Bonnemort applies sunscreen.
He kept saying: I'm black I don't need Sunscreen.

Every volunteer got a blue shirt that said "Rethink Homelessness".

The CEO man in charge of the Homeless Project


Even the Seniors joined in!

This is Dr. Phillips mansion in downtown Orlando. Dr. Phillips was the major force in the development of the citrus industry in Central Florida in the late 19th century. This is now a Bed and Breakfast.

Clermont National Night Out--4 August 2015