Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Some newbies to the Senior District

Elder and Sister Zekiel live in Central Florida in the Waterford area.
They will work in the Mission office to take care of cars and referrals 

Elder and Sister Stokes joined us in April 2015 from New Mexico. They are Member Leader Support Missionaries.

The ducks near are apartment.

We are so happy to welcome Elder and Sister Bonnemaort from Ogden. She is the new nurse and he works in the office with bikes and during his miscellaneous office duties we call him Mary. (He retired from the IRS--His secretary was Mary) They are so delightful! They have a daughter, son in law and 4 grandchildren living in St Cloud.

These 12 baby ducklings are new arrivals. It is very doubtful that they all will make it to adulthood.

Sister Walker works in the Emplyment Office next to the Mission Office.
When applying for a job "First Impressions" are highly important.

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