Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sandra Ortiz baptism and Sansone Family Sealing

Front Row: Spanish Speaking Hermana Moody, Samantha Ortiz, and Hermana Rivera
Back Row Elder Hamp, Elder Peacock, and Elder Egan at the baptism.

Elder Hamp, Elder Call, Elder Egan, and Elder Peacock with their cupcakes after Ruby Ortiz baptism.

Standing in front of the Orlando Temple after being sealed together for time and all eternity.
Sandra Santiago holding her grandson, Lucila Sansone, Matthew Sansone holding Iris Sansone, Timothy Sansone, and Kelly Sansone. (The girl on the left is a sister to the Sansone family}

Thursday, 9 July CP and I went to the temple with the senior district--the Spencers rode with us. While we were in the “Celestial Room” after the endowment session Timothy and Lucila Sansone and Lucila’s mother Sandra Santiago came in and told us they were about to be sealed to each other and to their children who were waiting down in the children’s room. They asked Elder Bean on the spot if he would act as proxy for Lucy’s deceased father. We were very surprised by this request but felt most honored that they would ask—we were in the right place at a time of needed. We had gotten to know them when they attended the 12 week Parenting Class that I taught during Sunday-School. The Spencers went home with Stokes and we stayed for the precious ordinance--to see this family sealed for time and all eternity. Sandra Santiago knelt at “the altar”, with CP acting for her husband, and wept while she was sealed to him. They remained kneeling and the Santiago children joined them at the altar--Tim (acting for Lucy’s deceased brother) and Lucy knelt down then sealed. The box of tissue came in handy—everyone was in tears. Next Lucy and Tim were sealed to each other! Finally, their children Matthew 11.6, Kelly 10, and Iris 1.8 came in. They looked so beautiful all dressed in white as they knelt around the altar and became an eternal family. Tim and Lucy had a teen age son that passed away a few years ago so the St. Cloud Ward Bishop acted as proxy for him. As this young family stood together looking into the large gold mirrors that face opposite walls in the room, their reflection went on forever—a glimpse into the eternities. “The end of all activity in the Church is to see that a man and a woman with their children are happy at home, sealed for eternity”.—Boyd K. Packer

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