Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fourth of July Celebration 2015--Kissimmee Lake Front Park and Avalon Park

Missiionaries at Avalon Park--Hermanas Stone/Olsen, Elders Cooper/Radigan, Hilton Dowdle, Sharp Weiss
Missionaries at Avalon Park with the Booth.They had a gust of wind come up and alot of tents and materials were blown over. The missionaries were able to help other people put back together their tents.

Captain America and the Black Widow with Elder Ashworth, Elder Hamp, Elder Egan, Elder Peacock,
 Hermana Rivera, Hermana Moody at the Kissimmee Lake Front Park for the 4th of July Celebration.
 "Would you like a Book of Mormon? Did you know that Jesus is Your Christ? Did you know that
He died for you and because of him, you can have Eternal Life? 

Elder Egan, Elder Sherwin, Elder Hamp, Elder Isaacson, Elder Ashworth, Elder Peacock
 at Kissimmee Lake Front 4th of July Celebration 

Florida has rain nearly every day and a beautiful sunset every day.

This week the weather has been in the high 90’s with occasional afternoon thunder showers a welcome relief. Rain was forecast for the 4th of July. We took the booth to The Kissimmee Fourth of July Celebration at Lake Front Park on Lake Tohpekaliga. When we got there with the Kissimmee North Elders Hamp/Egan about 2pm it was very so hot I thought to myself, “This is going to be a long night, this festival doesn’t even start until 5 and goes until after 9pm.” We got everything set up. We had 4 new mormon.org banners to hang on the skirt of the canopy that caught the crowds attention. We had a perfect location beside the sidewalk where everyone was coming in from parking. Even though the official start time was 5pm people were coming in when we got there to getting a spot on the big lawn to watch the fire-works. As soon as we got set up we started talking to everyone that walked by and inviting them to sign up for the free drawing of a picture of Jesus Christ. We were getting a lot of people that entered the drawing and talked to the missionaries. A sudden gust of wind came up and we had to hang onto the tent and posters. Our literature and pass along cards blew everywhere so we secured them down with elastics. Then it started to rain—thank Heavens it was light and only lasted for 30 minutes then wow we had a comfortable, bearable 80* with a lovely breeze. I was so excited that 87 people entered the drawing for the picture of Jesus Christ. The Elders and Sisters were witty with the crowd. They made comments like: “I like your hat, what does that tattoo on your neck say, would you like some candy, what do you think about Jesus Christ? They passed out literature, cards, and Books of Mormon until everything was almost gone, and 3 large bags of candy--completely gone. Some people stopped and talked for a while. One lady got a sack so she could more easily carry all the literature she collected. She also stopped to watch the “Because He Lives Video”. One Seventh Day Adventist talked to Elder Hamp for over an hour. One man said he was a member, lived in Poinciana, and got the address of the school where the branch meets. At 9pm we packed everything up just as the fireworks started over the lake. Elders Peacock/Ashcroft, Hamp/Egan, and Hermanas Moody/Rivera all stayed for the show complete with music. They all helped us pack everything into our car and none of us got home until 11pm because of the traffic jam.  

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