Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fun weekend June 6, 7

Elder Glen and Sister Karen Spencer went with us to the Longwood Car Show in Historic Longwood District.
 The home behind us is on the National Historic Registry. There were a few streets full of show cars which Elder Spencer especially enjoyed. Sorry I didn't get any pictures of them.
Samantha Ortis and Adalyn Gaston just graduated from high school (2015). Samantha and her father were recently baptized. Her mother will be baptized soon. Her story: About the time Sanabtha was praying that she could find understanding about God her father met the missionaries and was taking the discussions so she joined him. They both loved learning about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Adalyn has been a member all her life and she was praying that she could find someone  with whom she could share the gospel and Samantha was the answer to her prayer. The night before Samatha was baptized she was getting nervous about it. About that same time Adalyn sent her a text and told her that Satan would try to stop her from being baptized. That text came at just the right time to help Samantha calm her fears and understand her feelings.

We had Sunday pot roast dinner at Brother and Sister Hogland's house. Sister Hogland is Kissimmee Ward choir director and we have enjoyed singing in the choir. She asked Elder Bean to be her substitute and conduct the choir when she was out of town. He did just fine. On the left is Elder Hamp and Elder Egan and Brent Hogland is in the center. We talked about the movie "The Cokeville Miracle" based on a true story. We also learned that Granite Flats is filmed in Magna, UT. 

Elder and Sister Stokes presented the lesson on setting a good example for Family Home Evening
 It was only for a moment she wore the honorary hat and glasses while we sang Happy Birthday. 

Elder Call with his hair cut from Sister Bean's Barber Shop.

Notice Elder Call's new-do

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