Thursday, May 28, 2015

Missionary Work with the Elders

We had a picnic dinner with these two fine looking Elders then went with them to teach.
Elders Ashworth and Peacock posing with the animals in the home of Mr. Barber after their lesson with
Carrie Wright and her daughter Kallan Wright an 8 year old girl that is getting baptized soon. 26 May

Elder Peacock, Helen Abrams, Sister Bean, Elder Ashworth standing outside Helen's apartment on a breezy Tuesday Evening. Helen is so dear. The Elders gave her a lesson and Elder Bean and I came along for the visit. 26 May 2015

Monday, May 25, 2015

Casselberry Memorial Day Celebration 23May 2015

                                      The Casselberry Memorial Day Celebration
had a car show, live music, food vendors, business vendors, information vendors, and craft vendors.
The car show, according to Elder Spencer was the best he has seen since coming to Florida.

Elders Whitaker,Jensen, Egan, and Penfold were available to talk to anyone that had any questions about the church.
It was a beautiful evening, the missionaries enjoy being part of this event.
We had a drawing for a framed picture of Jesus Christ.

The Spanish Elders James and Machovsky and College Park Sisters Crowley and Earl talked to a member who stopped by.

A large crowd brought their chairs to sit and enjoy a free rock concert open to the public. For a few days I had the
Bob Marley song "NO WOMAN NO CRY" playing in my mind.

One young man came up to me and asked, "What is a Mormon? I told him it is a nick name for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints. We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly. We also believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God. Mormon literally means "more good".  We talked for quite a while--he wanted to know where we met.He was sincere and seemed like a solid investigator. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Florida Fort Lauderdale Mission Zone Conferences--May 19-21, 2015

Our first Zone Conference was in West Palm Beach on Tuesday,19 May--2015. President and Sister Richardson presided
The missionary purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Missionaries prepare for the group pictures--some of these missionaries drive over an hour to Zone Conference Their goal for May is 100 baptisms in the mission--they teach, convert, baptize, retain, reactivate.
Elder Bean and Sister Richardson gave an enthusiastic presentation on Hurricane Preparedness.

Zones near Fort Lauderdale met at the Plantation Chapel on Wednesday. We helped do some of the car inspections before the meeting started. The missionaries have a limit on the number of miles they can drive in a month. Their is a devise in their car called a TIWI that monitors their driving. If they speed or drive aggressively they loose their driving privileges.  

New as of 2 weeks to the Fort Lauderdale Mission are Elder and Sister Finlinson--20 May 2015.
It was so great to see them--they are from Kaysville and live next door to my sister Martha. 

It was fun to meet Elder and Sister Hartzell (on the right). They are assigned to live in Marathon Keys and were staying at the mission home for the Zone Conferences. Since we were also staying at the mission home we had a great time together going out to dinner, swimming in the mission home pool, shopping, and fixing dinner at the Garretts. Elder Hartzell played the guitar for us as we relaxed on the patio in the evening.

This is the Flaggler Museum in Palm Beach--also know as Whitehall. After Zone Conference on Tuesday Elder Bean and I spent 2 hours on an audio guided tour. It was a winter home build by Henry Flaggler for his wife in early 1900.

Zone Conference for the Southern Zones were held in the Hialeah Chapel. Elder Bean stayed after and talked to any of the missionaries that had Orthopedic problems. He spends the time it takes to explain what is going on!

Lunch for the missionaries was provided by local members and paid for with mission funds. I liked getting to know some of the missionaries--there are 250 in this mission and over 80,000 through out the world.

After Zone Conference we drove to Key Largo--(there is a song about this place)--and stayed in a bed and breakfast! The house on the water has 3 suites and is owned for by an 83 year old widow, Marilyn. She took care of us with a comfy king size bed and kitchenette with muffins, fruit, milk, and juice for breakfast. 

We got up early Friday morning and drove 7 miles to "John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park" to go snorkeling. A boat took us out to the third largest coral reef in the world about 3 miles off shore. The dive was beautiful, the water was 82* and clear, the weather was mild, and we spent an hour watching fish of all colors and sizes swim around the coral.

Believe it or not after our snorkel on the Coral Reef, we drove a few more hours to Key West  to see the Southernmost Point in the Continental USA--90 miles from Cuba..22 May 2015

The Overseas Highway--it is 113 miles from Everglades National Park to Key West--
an archapelago of isthmus,islands, and bridges May 2015
The kitchenette and computer table in "DIVERS COVE" suite--Key Largo, FL. 22 May 2015

The boat ride out to the Coral Reef--John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park--22 May 2015

Enjoying dusk when we first arrived at "DIVERS COVE" bed and breakfast--21 May 2015

Monday, May 18, 2015

We had a Senior District Activity at Cocoa Beach on Sat 16 May 2015.

Sister Ellie Johnson is on her 3rd Mission. She texted me last week saying, "I have been thinking about you for a couple of hours. What a sweet lady you are. Love Ellie" That is how she loves everyone.

Relaxing at a Park near the beach in COCOA at a Senior District Activity. We enjoyed a swim in the Atlantic, got cleaned up, then grilled our burgers. We enjoyed a great visit with the other seniors.
Elder and Sister Bird went to a baptism and arrived just in time for our picnic and SMORES!

Elder and Sister Hansen--serving in Palm Bay, enjoy supporting their ward in the missionary work. Believe it or not Sister Hansen was born the very same day as Elder Bean.

Elder and Sister Boynton support the Deland Ward in their missionary effort. Sister Boynton loves  the beach like I do.
Being with this group of seniors is fabulous. 

Elder and Sister Western are MLS (Member Leader Support) in Leesburg. When they came to this mission they had just a few weeks notice to buy a trailer house. They pulled it from Utah and parked it in Leesburg.
We have enjoyed getting to know them and visiting the resort trailer park where they live..

Elder and Sister Stokes are from Arizona but both grew up in Ogden. They are another dedicated couple who support the Pleasant Hill Ward and work in the Orlando Temple. The temple teaches us how to live closer to the Lord and gives us strength to resist the temptations of the adversary.

Elder and Sister Johnson have been so willing to serve wherever they have been needed--They are now in the office but were supporting the members in the Orlando Stake. We appreciate their dedicated service and example.

Elder and Sister Spencer enjoy the waves on their feet at COCOA BEACH. We feel so blessed to serve here with them.
 It comes natural for Elder Spencer to talk to everyone he meets about the purpose of life. Sister Spencer is putting together a recipe book. I love her darling personality--she is such a good friend.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Florida Tallahassee Mission Zone Conference May 12,13,15, 2015

We drove to Pensacola on Monday May 11th for Zone Conferences. We left early so we could do some sight seeing. My legs were tired after climbing the 180 stairs to the top of this Light House.

This is the view of Pensacola Bay from the lighthouse--notice the white sugar sand on the beach.
The Island across the water is Pensacola Beach.  

Panorama view of Pensacola Bay from the lighthouse

Elder Bean gets ready for Zone Conferences in Walmart parking lot.
He polished and darkened his loafers.

Oh no, I packed two right shoes.

Tallahassee Zone Conference Friday15 May 2015
President and Sister Smith taught the importance of being STRICTLY OBEDIENT--We are BLESSED AND PROTECTED when we keep the commandments and obey mission rules. 

Tallahassee 2 Zone  Friday 15 May 2015--President and Sister Smith taught the importance of speaking to everyone.

In the Zone Conferences the elders and sister are taught how to improve their missionary skills.
Elder Bean gave an enthusiastic lecture on hurricane preparedness.
After Zone Conference on Wednesday we went to Dockside in Niceville for dinner with Elder and Sister Lay.She is the mission nurse and the missionaries rely on her to help them when they have medical needs--she and her husband are also a great support to members in their ward. 

Fort Walton Beach Zone--Wednesday 13 May 2015
This building is where The Bean Family attended church in 1980-81.
I don't remember the building or even how to get there but I have glimpses of events during this time.. 

Pensecola Zone--Tuesday 12 May 2015--The Elders and Sister traveled from as far away as Mobile Alabama

Mobile Zone--Tuesday 12 May 2015--For lunch we had Sonny's Bar-b-que.

We had a day off  during Zone Conference Week so we went on "Destin Snorkeling and Dolphin Excursion".
I can see why this area is called the Emerald Coast--notice that emerald green water.  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Midievil Times--8 May 2015

Elder and Sister Bean enjoy watching the beautiful horses and jousting at Midievil Times.

Elder and Sister Spencer looking good as they enjoy the roasted chicken dinner and cheer for the yellow/red team,

Elder and Sister Nielson excited to enjoy their last evening at Midevil Times.
They will be released from their mission next week.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Visiting General Authority--Elder Don Clarke and his wife MaryAnne3-6May2015

Elder and Sister Don Clarke with their grandsons Zack and Braden have enjoyed visiting President and Sister Berry

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Zone Conference --4-5 May 2015

2 May 2015--Elders Cortez and Jurges, Sisters Lokotui
2 May 2015--Sisters Lokotui and Taylor proselyting

The elephant ride was a big attraction at  Bellview Founders Day Celebration--2 May 2014.

Deland Zone--May 4, 2015 Elder Don Clarke visiting authority

Leesburg Zone--4 May 2015--Elder Don Clarke visiting General Authority

Orlando Zone--4 May 2015--Elder Don Clarke visiting General Authority.

Orlando Zone--4 May 2015--Elder Don Clarke visiting General Authority

Elder and Sister Clarke, President and Sister Berry 5 May 2015

Hunters Creek Zone--5 May 2015--Don Clarke visiting General Authority

Orlando South Zone--5 May 2015--Elder Don Clarke visiting General Authority

Cocoa Zone--5 May 2015--Elder Don Clarke visiting General Authority

Johnsons--5 May 2015--Zone Conference