Monday, March 16, 2015

Our Trip to Little Rock Arkansas to train the new nurse.

Charles and Beth Freshour have been such a blessing in our life. We were having trouble getting our car started while we were at the Mississippi Jackson Mission Zone Conferences. We were not sure if we should drive the extra 4 hours North to Arkansas Little Rock Mission to train their new nurse but as we thought about it we felt it was important to go. As we were driving I called Sister Thompson and told her we were worried about our car. She said she knew a trusted mechanic in her ward to call. It was Friday afternoon so we had little chance of finding a mechanic  but when Sister Thompson called  Charles Freshour he told her to bring the car over and he would look at it. When we arrived at our hotel Sister Thompson took us to Brother Freshours humble home nearby and he worked on the car while we went out to dinner with the Thompsons.  Charles Freshour changed out the battery cable and some spark plugs. We were worried that the fuel pump was going out--thank you Charles! He was able to test the pump and find that it was working just fine--it would have cost us $700.00 to replace it. When Elder Bean tried to pay him he said, "Do not deny me of the blessings of helping out the missionaries". We gave his wife some money so they could go out to dinner. 

We met Terry and Denise Thompson from Bryant, Arkansas (near Little Rock) She is the new nurse serving her mission from home. They also work in the Memphis, Tennessee Temple once a month. She met us at our hotel and to our surprise she had placed a gift basket in our room--her way of thanking us for going out of our way to train her. She help us find a mechanic!
We spent Saturday Morning in the Thompson's home while Elder Bean trained Sister Thompson for her job as the mission nurse. They have updated their home--added a nice front porch  complete with rocking chairs and remodeled the kitchen!

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