Thursday, March 12, 2015

Birthday Sunday and Melissa Morrow Baptism in Leesburg

1Mar 2015—I had a wonderful birthday! I felt so loved! It was wonderful to talk to all my children—phone and/or google chat. My husband bought me some new running shoes. President and Sister Berry hosted a birthday dinner at the mission home with Sisters Johnson/Walker, Elder and Sister Spencer, Nielson, Bird, and Clare. I wanted a homemade cake so under protest CP helped make “The best cake in the world”—with a “65” and “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” candles. I made a wish and blew out all the candles so it has to come true. I feel so grateful for the words of the prophets to guide my life to help me repent and improve my life, my family, this mission, my time with Elder Bean and all missionaries, my friends, and lastly—Medicare kicks in today. . I was awake during the night and read: “The real manifestation of God’s love is His Commandments.” My comment: So much pain, sorrow, and suffering are prevented when we keep the Commandments—because He loves us he shows us the way to a joyful life.

At senior district Family Home Evening they sang Happy Birthday to me--how do you like those sun glasses.

Elder Bean didn't like the idea when I told him I wanted a homemade cake but we worked together to make this chocolate cake topped with Oreo crumbs --yum.

Sister Bean blowing out her birthday candles on "The Best Cake in the World" 

We drove Helen Abrams our friend from Kissimmee Ward who was baptized in August up to Leesburg so she could attend the baptism of her daughter Melissa Morrow. Helen was praying for Melissa during the time she was having the missionary lessons. Melissa had told her mom that she just couldn't leave her church.. That afternoon she went to Bible study at her church with a question about what she had read in the Bible about the thousand years that Christ would reign on the earth. They told her that was not really going to happen but just symbolic. That same day at Bible study some of the ladies were saying some unkind and misinformed things about the Mormons. She told her mother later how un-Christian she felt it was. The missionaries called her later that evening and she asked them about the Thousand Years. They told her that Christ would reign personally upon the earth for a thousand years.--they were able to answer her questions to her satisfaction--as you can see she gained a testimony that the gospel has been restored to the earth and prophets lead our church.

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