Sunday, February 8, 2015

Johnson's say good-by, Valentines Day--Kennedy Space Center

Friday the 13th we had a farewell party for Elder and Sister Johnson who worked in the Employment office. The Birds arrived at the office one hour before the Johnson's left so they crossed paths for a brief moment. The Johnson's vacated their apartment in the morning of their last day of work--the Birds moved into that same apartment that afternoon.
14 Feb 2015—Happy Valentines Dear, Thank you for the roses and the cute Mickey and Minnie, Dear. We went to Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral with the senior district. I have a new appreciation for the power behind the rockets and the wonders of the Universe.  Wow, space travel makes me realize how Heavenly Father's creations can go beyond this world.
Elder Bean for a cool day at Kennedy Space Center
I have been working on my Sacrament Meeting Talk on Pride: Our degree of Pride determines how we treat our God and our brothers and sisters. Pride limits or stops progression. 

SIster Neilson gave us this clever Valentine. We enjoyed the candy that came with it.

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