Friday, February 27, 2015

Picnic Dinner with the Kissimmee Elders

Elders Thompson, Perez, Oaks, Bean, Hamp, and Sister Bean
25 Feb 2015—Elder Bean and I had a 5pm dinner picnic with Elders Perez, Thompson, Hemp, and Oaks at a park near the shores of East Lake Tohopecaliga. We bought some Costco roasted chicken, rolls, grapes, juice, and a box of Rice Crispy Treats to add to the chips and salsa that we brought from home! It was the perfect temperature and we had a lot of laughs together. A man and his son walked by and asked for some of our grapes so we gave him a cluster. Later when he walked back by, Elder Perez talked to him—he was so nice and accepted an invitation to have the missionaries teach him! (We got a referral on our picnic—a tender mercy!) A jogger that was passing by took our picture. She said she used to be a photographer.

On a sad note—after the picnic we stopped at WalMart to shop then went to the Wetherby Building to do family history. When we got home we noticed that half of the Rice Crispy Treats and the entire bottle of juice were gone. We had left them in the bed of the truck without knowing “who” we fed the hungry. 

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