Friday, February 27, 2015

Ron and Bev Bateman Visit Orlando--Florida Orlando Mission Conference

17 Feb 2015—Ron and Bev Bateman arrived this morning. They took the red eye from Salt Lake City and will sleep in our guest room. We are so grateful for their rental car because we took the Toyota Sequoia for a dent repair and paint job-- planned it that way—smart thinking CP. It rained so hard today but we were able to enjoy Blue Springs State Park and the Manatees! We also did Sealings in the Orlando Temple and ate Japanese at Urban Hibachi on Sand Lake. We stopped into the office for some papers that were faxed to the Doctor.
Bateman's at EPCOT

18 Feb 2015 Ron and Bev have always been such good friends—more like a brother to CP than a cousin.  We spent the day with them at EPCOT. I told them we should travel together more. It was a chilly 62*/38* so easy to bundle up and enjoy the day. We enjoyed a lovely dinner in China at Lotus Blossom CafĂ©. The fireworks were spectacular!  Elder Bean got his share of medical calls while we walked our way around the world. We stopped into Helen Abrams grandsons viewing before going to Epcot. We talked a lot about Wade Parrish’s family—Ron knows his family history.
We ate dinner and stayed for the fireworks.We were glad we had our jackets--when the sun went down it was chilly.

Bev is far too happy in the mouth of a gator.

19 Feb 2015—This morning while Elder Bean worked on his sacrament meeting talk and finished emails, Ron, Bev, and I went to the Titanic exhibit around 10am. When we drove up to the building Ron said, “This looks like a tourist trap” with that said--we thought it was well done and our tour guide through the experience was delightful. Record breaking cold temperatures in Central Florida! This was on National News and we felt it, especially when we were on the “Wild Florida” airboat ride. Bev said, “That was such a great ride, I tried not to think about how cold it was.” We were chilled to the bone!  We had a heavy dinner at Sonny’s Bar-bq.
We walked along the shores of Melbourne Beach

20 Feb 2015—We needed to pick up the handcart today so we went a few extra miles East and ended up on Melbourne Beach to show Ron and Bev. It was a breezy 56* so we had our jackets on and walked barefoot along the shallow waves—the beach was empty. We ate dinner at Islands Fish Grill ****. It was getting dark when we picked up the handcart at Deseret Family and Youth Camp. We visited with Elder and Sister Checketts for a few minutes. Elder Dr. Bean listened to his lungs and told him he probably has walking pneumonia. On the way home we saw 2 cars with their flashers following bikers—we also saw 2 deer so glad they didn’t run out in front of us. Early dinner, early to bed we have a big event tomorrow!
We picked up the Mormon Handcart from Deseret Youth and Family Camp

21 Feb 2015—Pine Castle Pioneer Days with the mission booth and handcart. We spent the day talking to people about and the Mormon Handcart Pioneers, and the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a fun day! Loved the missionaries who came—Sister Kreiberg/Sullivan Lynch/Murphy Hales/Jindo/Nelsen Elders Bravo/Conrad DeMille/Horne.  For the Elders I made a small vest so we had SML something to fit everyone. I also had some skirts and aprons for the Sisters. I love the Gospel so much I want to share it with everyone.
22 Feb 2015—Elder Bean spoke in sacrament meeting today on the Word of Wisdom and taking good care of our body because it houses our Spirit! Helen Abrams husband and son Bruce came to church for the first time! They were touched by Bishop Bohman’s talk at the funeral of Scotty Abrams! We were talking to them in the hallway before church and they told the Bishop how much they appreciated what he said in the funeral. "It seemed as if you knew Scotty and said just the right thing." Bishop Bohman's answer to that: "I felt the love of the family, the Spirit was there--the comments came from the Lord and He knows Scotty."
We had dinner at 2pm. Bev helped me every step of the way fixing chicken enchiladas, salad, zucchini and strawberry short cake for dinner!  We invited Elder and Sister Bird, new Employment Center Missionaries to eat with us. They live in our same building. It was such a pleasant day we were able to eat on our porch looking out to the lake.
After dinner Ron and Bev went with us to Celebration and walked around 3 lakes. Celebration is a beautiful city built by Disney—the sunset was a beautiful soft pink—what a wonderful world!

Elder and Sister Bird from Woods Cross, Utah came to Sunday Dinner

Sunday dinner on the porch with Ron and Bev and the Birds pictured above.

Ron and Bev Bateman walking around the Lake in the Disney planned community of Celebration
Elder and Sister Bean enjoying the beautiful pink sunset while walking in Celebration.

23 Feb 2013—The Mission Conference today “Safeguards for Using Technology” and “Missionary Work in the Digital Age” with Elder Craig Zwick of the First Quorum of Seventy and Brother Mike Hemingway, director of proselyting for the world was a powerful warning—beware of the snare of pornography.  Florida Orlando has been one of 30 pilot missions to use i-pads to proselyte. There will be new i-pads for the missionaries in two weeks that have more filters and more memory—all missionaries in the world church will eventually be trained and use technology for proselyting. The i-pads contain resources (Gospel Library, scriptures, Gospel videos), Area Book Planner, and online proselyting on social media like Facebook
Mike Hemingway-Director of proseliying for the world.

. Some of my notes: What can I change in my life to become a more effective disciple of Jesus Christ. If you are willing to change the Spirit will be with you. The more willing you are to change the more help you will get from the Spirit. We all can change. Never look back after you have repented. Isaiah 52:11 “Touch no unclean thing”. !. Follow the promptings of the Spirit 2. Focus on Missionary Purpose 3. Be Disciplined 4. Be one.  Satan will not leave you alone. He wants to catch you in his snare. The Lord has confidence in missionaries and He will help you. Use your time wisely. Jacob 3:2 “feast upon His love and the pleasing work of God”.  The Elders and Sisters were given two booklets on the subject that they were asked to study and learn. BE WISE--BE CLEAN!  Wow so great to be part of this!  Before and after the meeting Elder Dr. Bean talked to several missionaries with health problems—he is valuable.
Elder Craig Zwick of the Seventy at the Mission Conference 23 Feb 2015

At 4pm we met Ron and Bev Bateman at Animal Kingdom and watched the “Lion King” show then we went to Boma’s a African buffet in Animal Kingdom Lodge for a lovely dinner! We sat around a fire place outside to relax and visit.
Alligators are plentiful on the Deseret Cattle and Citrus Ranch

24 Feb 2015—Oh wow, there are plenty of gators on the Deseret Cattle and Citrus Ranch, we saw them as we toured the ranch today. The sister missionary that narrated our tour said, “We never get tired of seeing gators.”  There are also water moccasins and rattlers that we’re glad we didn’t see. Ron and Bev wanted to see the ranch so when we took the handcart back to the Youth and Family Camp we also toured the ranch—44,000 cattle on 290,000 acres. Deseret’s landscape is a mosaic of pastures, citrus groves, wetlands, and woodlands. We also drove another hour North East to see Ponce de Leon Light Station Museum and climbed the 203 stairs to the top of the light house—great view. I just had to have dinner at Breaker’s right on New Smyrna Beach! It doesn’t get any better than this—eating fresh fish with an open view of the ocean! We walked along the beach until the sun went down—this is our last day with Ron and Bev.

Ponce de Leon Light House Museum--we climbed 203 steps to the top and down again

Picnic Dinner with the Kissimmee Elders

Elders Thompson, Perez, Oaks, Bean, Hamp, and Sister Bean
25 Feb 2015—Elder Bean and I had a 5pm dinner picnic with Elders Perez, Thompson, Hemp, and Oaks at a park near the shores of East Lake Tohopecaliga. We bought some Costco roasted chicken, rolls, grapes, juice, and a box of Rice Crispy Treats to add to the chips and salsa that we brought from home! It was the perfect temperature and we had a lot of laughs together. A man and his son walked by and asked for some of our grapes so we gave him a cluster. Later when he walked back by, Elder Perez talked to him—he was so nice and accepted an invitation to have the missionaries teach him! (We got a referral on our picnic—a tender mercy!) A jogger that was passing by took our picture. She said she used to be a photographer.

On a sad note—after the picnic we stopped at WalMart to shop then went to the Wetherby Building to do family history. When we got home we noticed that half of the Rice Crispy Treats and the entire bottle of juice were gone. We had left them in the bed of the truck without knowing “who” we fed the hungry. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sister Berry's Birthday

Sister Berry is always full of fun--Elder Gordon too!
4Feb2015—I feel very fortunate today: I went on a long walk with CP, At the office I ate chocolate cake to celbrate Sister Berrys birthday. I don't know how we got started calling her Tinkerbell. She always signs her name "Tink"  She is a wonderful Mission Mom! I am associating with some of the nicest people on earth, 
President and Sister Berry love the missionaries.

Sister Berry with her Tinkerbell Wand.--Happy Birthday!
In the background--Lisanne the Berry's daughter is visiting with her 4 lively children.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pine Castle Pioneer Days

21 Feb 2015—We attended Pine Castle Pioneer Days with the mission booth and handcart. We spent the day talking to people about:, The Mormon Handcart Pioneers, and The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ! The attendance was smaller than most of the events we have attended.
It was a fun day! I love getting to know the missionarie. We've been collecting vests, aprons, hats, and skirts for use with the handcart. 
I love the Gospel so much I want to share it with everyone.

Elders Conrad, Bravo, Horne, DeMille, Sister Sillivan, Kreiberg  

Elders Horne and DeMille pulling the handcart

Sisters Hales, Nelsen, Jindo Elders DeMille, Horne

Sisters Sillivan and Kreiberg (Not pictured--SIster Lynch and Murphy)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Walk along Lake Tohopekaliga

1Feb2015—It was a beautiful day, after church I told Chuck I wanted to go to East Tohopekaliga Lake and walk along the lake front. I was pleasantly surprised that he did!! We walked a short while in our Sunday shoes enjoying a piece of Heavenly Father’s creation! When we got home we ate Minestrone Soup. Elder Bagshaw, who just got out of the hospital, stayed with us for the afternoon—he is in a trio companionship so he was able to rest while his companions finished their appointments. We ate ice cream together when Elders LaCheminant /Jackson returned. After they left we watched the last few minutes of the Super Bowl as New England Patriots stole the victory from the Seattle Sea Hawks. Bagshaw shared this quote: “Trouble itself can be your way to strengthen and finally gain unshakable faith“. 

Blue Herons also love it around East Lake Togopekaliga

Busath's complete their mission

Busath’s left on February 3rd, their 23 month mission has come to a tearful end—they will be a mission legend. We are living under such great circumstances because of their hard work to get a nice apartment and good second hand furniture that is donated by the members. Elder Bean played “Happy trails to you, until we meet again” on his i-phone, we took pictures, gave hugs, and waved good-bye. Their car was fully packed with their belongings. They worked hard and made a difference!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Johnson's say good-by, Valentines Day--Kennedy Space Center

Friday the 13th we had a farewell party for Elder and Sister Johnson who worked in the Employment office. The Birds arrived at the office one hour before the Johnson's left so they crossed paths for a brief moment. The Johnson's vacated their apartment in the morning of their last day of work--the Birds moved into that same apartment that afternoon.
14 Feb 2015—Happy Valentines Dear, Thank you for the roses and the cute Mickey and Minnie, Dear. We went to Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral with the senior district. I have a new appreciation for the power behind the rockets and the wonders of the Universe.  Wow, space travel makes me realize how Heavenly Father's creations can go beyond this world.
Elder Bean for a cool day at Kennedy Space Center
I have been working on my Sacrament Meeting Talk on Pride: Our degree of Pride determines how we treat our God and our brothers and sisters. Pride limits or stops progression. 

SIster Neilson gave us this clever Valentine. We enjoyed the candy that came with it.