Monday, January 12, 2015

Senior District Activity at Blue Springs State Park--January 17th.

The Manatee's come up for air every 6 minutes even when they are asleep. Their life span is about 60 years. The scars on their backs are from the boat propellers.
Floridian Manatees swim in Blue Springs--they thrive in the 72* water that flows naturally out of the spring.
 Hundreds of manatees congregate in the warm water during the winter months.

The senior district after our two hour boat ride--assembling for a picture.

The Senior District: Westerns, Beans, Busaths, Hansens,Johnsons, Johnsons, Nielsons, Spencers, Boyntons
 District Activity for January--a boat ride on the St. John's River at Blue Springs State Park

We saw several Alligators along the river. The mother gators lay about 30 eggs, half hatch, half of those are eaten as prey. She fiercely guards her eggs and babies--getting past mama is brave.
We saw gray egrets and a variety of other birds.
Notice the green foliage along the river--that's lunch for the Manatees who are herbivores.

We saw a family of yellow bellied snap turtles in the water lilies.

Sisters Spencer, Boynton, Johnson, Nielson, Busath on the boat just before our 2 hour tour.

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