Thursday, January 1, 2015

Darren, Suzanne, Lauren, and Will Spencer visit the week after Christmas

Lauren, Darren, Suzanne, and William Spencer arrived early morning Saturday, December 27th.
Our first stop after a much needed morning nap was the Florida Orlando Temple--
Temple Work is doing something for others that they cannot do for themselves.
Those two teenagers, who are getting taller than their parents, did baptisms for deceased ancestors.
Will and Lauren, their parents, and Grandparents--Spencer and Bean went to "Wild Florida". We saw a lot of gators in captivity. We even held a small one that had its mouth taped shut. It was a beautiful 75* day! We scheduled a 4:30 pm air boat ride--luckily that is the time the alligators start swimming out into the Lake--we saw a number of gators, flocks of birds, and a beautiful sunset while riding on Cypress Lake. Our driver said it had been several weeks since anyone has been eaten by a gator. Lauren bought a T shirt that said. "Keep calm and swim faster" Below we see Suzanne and Darren with their ear protectors--the air boat motor is extremely noise--the gators hear us coming and submerge very quickly.

Here we are--Animal Kingdom--New Years Eve--a jacket day--enjoying the wonders of Disney with the Spencers. We went on a Safari Ride and saw animals in the wild, climbed Mount Everest, and went into Dinosaur Country.
Sister Bean--worn out from standing in long lines at Harry Potter World and Disney

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