Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Arrivals, Transfers, and Departures January 26,27, and 28.

The Departing Missionaries go to the Orlando Temple the Saturday before they die. Leaving the mission is like dying: You leave many that you love to be with those who you also love back at home. We love these Elders and Sisters and have loved working with them in the mission. Sisters: Stevens, Jensen, Buxton, Hernandez, Rogers, President and Sister Berry, Sister Owens, Pike, Damato, Elder and Sister Johnson, Elder and Sister Busath, Sister Blair, Elders Metcalf, Agor, Bailey, Jeppsen, Clement, Dearden. 


  1. Jolynn, I think your Facebook account has been hacked! About 30 min. ago I was working on FB and received a private message from you. After conversing back and forth I began to get suspicious and asked for proof of person. Person at the other end asked if I was calling them a liar. "Yep". Check on it. No telling what they might put up there in your name. Thank you for the card, too!

  2. Note from Susan B. Just so you know. Hope you two are doing great, as well!