Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Night In Bethlehem--Hunters Creek Stake--December 19th and 20th

"Night in Bethlehem" was so outstanding. It took all week to decorate the cultural hall and several classrooms into scenes from the Bible and  the City of David. (Above) Sisters Olsen and Rivera are serving food to add flavor to this authentic experience. (Below) the missionaries, dressed as Shepherds and Priests, guided groups of people through the experience.
(Above) Jeneva Perez, with her twin sister, is my little miracle . She goes to Valencia College and belongs to the club, Campus Crusaders for Christ. In order to get the missionaries on campus I needed a club sponsor and she has agreed to do that.
(Below) The Angel appears to Mary to inform her that she is highly favored and has been chosen to bear "The Son of God".

Talented Sister Dawn Robinson Korzen conducted the choir-she could play the piano,
 sing soprano, alto, tenor, or bass while conducting. 

Sister Nielson  in period costume, Elders Radigan,/Hemsley dressed  as priests, Lindsay, Salinas--missionaries.
Sisters Fisi and Lynch helped everyone get in their robes. There were over 700
Costumes for the two night. Everyone dressed in period attire.
Elder and Sister Bean
We enjoyed singing in the choir
-All choir members wore these robes.
We practiced for over two hours for 3 evenings The choir performed 2 times each of the two nights.

Adam and Eve built an alter and prayed to God
Ben and Gloria McClaine

Isaiah prophesied of the Coming
of the Messiah.

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