Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

We volunteered to help sort toys at Tupperware headquarters
--these will be given to kids who are homeless.

Our Christmas Tree had a few gifts that we gave to each other. I like to keep it simple.
He is the Gift. Our Savior Jesus Christ gave us the greatest gift--Resurrection--that everyone might live again. Through his Atonement we can gain his greatest gift--Eternal Life--for those who believe in him by following his example.
After delivering the packages we did some last minute shopping--then we settled in for the evening and watched Mormon Christmas Videos  #sharethegift.
On Christmas Eve the senior couples delivered packages to missionaries who received a last minute package from home--packages that arrived at the mission home on December 24th. Elder Bean and I delivered four packages to Elder Vaughn, Elder Olsen, Sister Damato, and Elder Doman,
At Christmas time there were several thousand packages and letters delivered to the Florida Orlando mission office--they then have to be forwarded to the missionaries. Each requires a printed label and many have to be delivered by the office staff.

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