Monday, December 8, 2014

Candlelight Processional in Epcot Center

The singers in yellow were visiting choirs from local schools.
Jodi Benson narrated the story of the first Christmas quoting from Luke 2.
We were so excited when David and Lorna Deloach invited us to go with them to Candlelight Procession at the Epcot Center amphitheater the day after Thanksgiving. They picked us up at 4pm. (The Deloachs are in our ward in Kissimmee--we have known them since we lived in Fort Walton Beach 33 years ago and have enjoyed renewing old acquaintances.) We waited in line over 2 hours to get into the 6:45pm show--it actually flew by because we were having fun visiting and taking pictures. The Candle Light Processional has a celebrity narrator, (Jodi Benson--she did the voice for Arial on Little Mermaid) who tells the Biblical account of the Savior's birth intertwined  with gorgeous Christmas songs. There is a Disney Choir, and a visiting choir from one of the local churches. The live orchestra is made up of members from the Orlando Symphony and Disney musicians. The visiting choir is in yellow and the Disney choir is in green--all the choir members were holding candles--the light from the candles made their sparkly collar more sparkly. It can't hold a candle to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir but was a great way to begin the Christmas Season. It even felt more like Christmas as we sat on the cold metal benches--twas a chillier than usual night--if you go take a blanket.
We stood in line for over 2 hours to see the show and had a great visit with Lorna and Dave Deloach
We went a second time with this group--Elder and Sister Nielson and Spencer. It was much warmer our second time around.

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