Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bill and Diana McGuire Visit Disney World

Bill and Diana McGuire had dinner with us in Down Town Disney. 

We took pictures of each others in front of the Christmas Tree in Down Town Disney.
We got a call from Bill and Diana McGuire a month ago informing us that their entire family were coming to Disney World for a vacation. They were here the week before Thanksgiving. We didn't get to see the entire family but we had dinner at Earl of Sandwich with Bill and Diana the night before they flew home. It was fun to catch up on their life and family. We were neighbors for about 20 years.on Fairway View Drive, Fruit Heights. They both have retired and hope to go on a CES mission after Diana recovers from getting her back fixed. She was in pain while on the vacation.  They have a remarkable family--all 5 children married, 15 grandchildren--I believe one on the way, making 27 that flew from Utah to Florida--how did they do it! Just so you know--let us know when you come to the Orlando area. We'd love to see you.

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