Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

We volunteered to help sort toys at Tupperware headquarters
--these will be given to kids who are homeless.

Our Christmas Tree had a few gifts that we gave to each other. I like to keep it simple.
He is the Gift. Our Savior Jesus Christ gave us the greatest gift--Resurrection--that everyone might live again. Through his Atonement we can gain his greatest gift--Eternal Life--for those who believe in him by following his example.
After delivering the packages we did some last minute shopping--then we settled in for the evening and watched Mormon Christmas Videos  #sharethegift.
On Christmas Eve the senior couples delivered packages to missionaries who received a last minute package from home--packages that arrived at the mission home on December 24th. Elder Bean and I delivered four packages to Elder Vaughn, Elder Olsen, Sister Damato, and Elder Doman,
At Christmas time there were several thousand packages and letters delivered to the Florida Orlando mission office--they then have to be forwarded to the missionaries. Each requires a printed label and many have to be delivered by the office staff.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Night In Bethlehem--Hunters Creek Stake--December 19th and 20th

"Night in Bethlehem" was so outstanding. It took all week to decorate the cultural hall and several classrooms into scenes from the Bible and  the City of David. (Above) Sisters Olsen and Rivera are serving food to add flavor to this authentic experience. (Below) the missionaries, dressed as Shepherds and Priests, guided groups of people through the experience.
(Above) Jeneva Perez, with her twin sister, is my little miracle . She goes to Valencia College and belongs to the club, Campus Crusaders for Christ. In order to get the missionaries on campus I needed a club sponsor and she has agreed to do that.
(Below) The Angel appears to Mary to inform her that she is highly favored and has been chosen to bear "The Son of God".

Talented Sister Dawn Robinson Korzen conducted the choir-she could play the piano,
 sing soprano, alto, tenor, or bass while conducting. 

Sister Nielson  in period costume, Elders Radigan,/Hemsley dressed  as priests, Lindsay, Salinas--missionaries.
Sisters Fisi and Lynch helped everyone get in their robes. There were over 700
Costumes for the two night. Everyone dressed in period attire.
Elder and Sister Bean
We enjoyed singing in the choir
-All choir members wore these robes.
We practiced for over two hours for 3 evenings The choir performed 2 times each of the two nights.

Adam and Eve built an alter and prayed to God
Ben and Gloria McClaine

Isaiah prophesied of the Coming
of the Messiah.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Elder Bean's Birthday--busy week in the mission--Arriving and Departing Missionaries

These 6 Sisters (Earl, Fricke, Moody, Nielsen, Quinton) and 12 Elders (Armijo, Cannon, Carver, Chidister, Fife, Hanson, Honda, Lindsay, Palmer, Salinas, Trip, Whitaker) arrived on December 15th.
These departing missionaries with President and Sister Berry. The departure dinner was a fun way to celebrate CP's birthday.
Sisters Adamson, Allred, Baker, Barnes, Carpenter, Conger, Godfrey, Hart, Hoyt, Kirkham, Laforce, Leidtke, Mofffitt, Nielsen, Peterson, Pierce, Ransom, Spreier, Thomas, Welch, Elders Hirschi, Giraldo,  Flood, Potter, Gottfredson, Despain, Nakatsuka.

Dr. Elder Bean- This Christmas Ornament and
a nice notebook  was a gift from Sister Berry.
Elder Dr. CP Bean turned 65 this year.
 He is thrilled to be on Medicare
More birthday celebration at senior district Family Home Evening. It was our turn to present the lesson from the latest General Conference addresses We chose President Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk: "Receiving a Testimony of Light and Truth". I have a testimony that the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored, that we have prophets on the earth today, and the light and truth that they speak will not only bless us and our posterity here in mortality, but it will also accompany us throughout all eternity. I am grateful to know that our family can be together forever.

We found the perfect cake topper--an airplane from "Planes". Happy Birthday dear.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bill and Diana McGuire Visit Disney World

Bill and Diana McGuire had dinner with us in Down Town Disney. 

We took pictures of each others in front of the Christmas Tree in Down Town Disney.
We got a call from Bill and Diana McGuire a month ago informing us that their entire family were coming to Disney World for a vacation. They were here the week before Thanksgiving. We didn't get to see the entire family but we had dinner at Earl of Sandwich with Bill and Diana the night before they flew home. It was fun to catch up on their life and family. We were neighbors for about 20 years.on Fairway View Drive, Fruit Heights. They both have retired and hope to go on a CES mission after Diana recovers from getting her back fixed. She was in pain while on the vacation.  They have a remarkable family--all 5 children married, 15 grandchildren--I believe one on the way, making 27 that flew from Utah to Florida--how did they do it! Just so you know--let us know when you come to the Orlando area. We'd love to see you.

Monday, December 15, 2014

We saw Three Shows at Hollywood Studios

On November 29th we went with Elder and Sister Spencer to Hollywood Studios and saw 3 Shows: Beauty and the Beast, Raiders of the Lost Arc, and Fantasmic. We were hoping to see Frozen but the lines were too long--we never would have gotten in.It is nice having an annual pass so we can a few hours on spend P-day at Disney. We don't wear our missionary badges at Disney.

Sister Bean and Elder and Sister Spencer watching "Beauty and the Beast"

Beauty and the Beast was a short version of the Broadway Musical--such beautiful costumes and music.

The light Show of Fantasmic was fantastice

Raiders of the Lost Arc had fire and explosives--so exciting

Mickey Mouse lead the Fantasmic Show

Monday, December 8, 2014

Candlelight Processional in Epcot Center

The singers in yellow were visiting choirs from local schools.
Jodi Benson narrated the story of the first Christmas quoting from Luke 2.
We were so excited when David and Lorna Deloach invited us to go with them to Candlelight Procession at the Epcot Center amphitheater the day after Thanksgiving. They picked us up at 4pm. (The Deloachs are in our ward in Kissimmee--we have known them since we lived in Fort Walton Beach 33 years ago and have enjoyed renewing old acquaintances.) We waited in line over 2 hours to get into the 6:45pm show--it actually flew by because we were having fun visiting and taking pictures. The Candle Light Processional has a celebrity narrator, (Jodi Benson--she did the voice for Arial on Little Mermaid) who tells the Biblical account of the Savior's birth intertwined  with gorgeous Christmas songs. There is a Disney Choir, and a visiting choir from one of the local churches. The live orchestra is made up of members from the Orlando Symphony and Disney musicians. The visiting choir is in yellow and the Disney choir is in green--all the choir members were holding candles--the light from the candles made their sparkly collar more sparkly. It can't hold a candle to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir but was a great way to begin the Christmas Season. It even felt more like Christmas as we sat on the cold metal benches--twas a chillier than usual night--if you go take a blanket.
We stood in line for over 2 hours to see the show and had a great visit with Lorna and Dave Deloach
We went a second time with this group--Elder and Sister Nielson and Spencer. It was much warmer our second time around.