Monday, November 3, 2014

Trunk n Treat and chili cook off at Kissimmee Ward

Above: Ruby Harper and Fletcher dressed up for "Trunk and Treat" Tuesday at the Kissimmee Ward--the weather was beautiful!
Left: Sisters Hansen, Olsen, Moffitt, Bernier dressed up as Nephites--their tunic is made out of a $3.00 sheet from Goodwill. They had an "Iron Rod" lit up with orange lights and "The Tree of Life" attached to the bike rack near their trunk.
Below: Elders Call and Jeppsen could be either Nephites or Lamanites.

Above: James Harper better known as Junior, dressed up for Ward Party in his S.W.A.T. uniform.
Right: Hazel Harper with her fairy wings, Jamie Harper has some nasty cuts on her face, and brother Job as swamp man.
Below: Maibelline Harper (in the turquoise sweater) has purple streaks in her hair, purple glasses and a stylish mustache.

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