Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November Arrivals, Transferes,and Departures

Left: Sister Bean and Allison posing together after transfers. She served in the Kissimmee Ward with us and is going home this week--she plays the violin and used her talents in sacrament meetings and baptisms.
Below: Sister Moffitt was transferred today and is leaving the Kissimmee Ward. She has the most beautiful voice and used her talents to bring the spirit. We will miss them both.
New Missionaries Arrived 3 Nov 2014 Sisters Mackley, Hampton, Hales, Webb, Bronson, Nix, Fiefia, Elders Pinate, Willard,Pyle,Oxborrow, Johnson, Jennings, Hoskin, Clark, Bakley.
Departing Missionaries at the Mission Home--Sisters Pugmire, Ackley, Thomson, Hiatt, Dingess, Wells, Parker,,Monson, Ashley,  Bowman, Collins, Jamison, Elders Baldibinos, Ssocarras, Cushing,, Steed

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