Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mission Presidents Conference

Atlanta Airport Marriott--Mission Presidents Conference
On Thursday evening the Area Medical Advisers (Dr. Allgiaer and Dr. Bean) and Assistant Area Medical Advisers (Vicki and Jolynn) were invited to attend the formal dinner at the MP Conference. We ate pork chops, salad, veggies, and peach cobbler al'amode. Elder Ulisses Soares, Elder Craig Zwick, and Elder Erich Kopischke resided over the Conference. At the dinner Sister Anita Kopischke immediately came up and talked to us with so much love and enthusiasm. Come to find out they live in Farmington, Utah--moved from Germany 2 years ago. She put us at ease..
The Mission President's wives met separately on Friday morning. They were given instruction from the wives of the residing authorities and then at the end, the medical advisers were given one hour to answer questions. I learned so much from this conference--so uplifting--I can do a little better.
That was it--Thursday night dinner and Friday morning meeting with the wives. We ate lunch, packed up our bags and drove back to Florida

North America South East Area Mission President's wives with Sister Kopischke, Sister Soares, and Sister Zwick (centered)

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