Sunday, November 23, 2014

Florida Orlando Mission Zone Conference was outstanding

Zone Conference for the Florida Orlando Mission was Tuesday and Wednesday November 17-18 from 9am until 4pm with an hours break for lunch--provided by a Relief Society. The agenda was:
*Sister Berry spoke about reading and studying the General Conference talks and writing down the things our prophets asked us to do, than trying a little harder to do a little better.
*Several missionaries were asked to share some miracles that have occurred because they were boulder about talking to everyone and if inspired talk to them about the restored gospel.
*President Berry spoke on Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End (our missionary purpose). Turn your hearts to God in faith. Everyone needs repentance--some need to repent of serious sins and some need to make incremental improvements. Stand spotless before God through baptism and becoming more like HIM. Ask inspired questions to investigators, invite them to repent. Tell stories from your own experiences--speak from your heart. Pray specifically for your investigators and their personal challenges.
*Song by Sister Woolley and Elder Vailea--"Praise to the Man".
* The Prophet, Joseph Smith Jr. came for a surprise visit and bore his testimony of the truthfulness of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. (Elder Waller)
*President Wood, a counselor in the mission presidency reminded us to speak simply so a child can understand.
*Sister Trainer Leaders talked about weekly i-pad planning--power planning--they challenged the missionaries to fill up every hour.
* The Missionaries (including the seniors) were told about a Family History booklet "My Family" and given the assignment to fill the booklet out, which includes entering ones four- generations family tree with some info about the ancestors on the tree. After filling out your own booklet then get a copy for investigators and new members and help them fill out one. The spirit of Elijah will fill their heart. Set up a second baptismal date for the new member to attend the temple and do baptisms for persons on their tree who have passed.
*Challenge--read the NEW TESTAMENT in 70 days.
*role playing--each zone practiced talking to people they meet in sundry situations.
*Brother Herzog, church public relations representative, told us that "The Book of Mormon Musical" was coming to Orlando. He gave us guide lines how to answer questions we might get from someone who has gone to the musical--Answer the question calmly, simply, and correctly. Bridge from the question with a statement of truth about the restored gospel. Testify of how the Book of Mormon has helped you in your life. Invite the to learn more about the church.

The Prophet Joseph Smith Junior came for a surprise visit

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