Sunday, November 16, 2014

Elders Erickson and Laws--a tender mercy

While we were at the Allgiaer's apartment Elder Dr A arranged for Elder Dr. Bean to met up with two  young Elders with knee problems--when I first met them I saw a brightness about them that was very special. They both have knee problems too complicated for me to explain. This situation was a tender mercy of the Lord. These faithful elders are athletes who are soon to go home and will be in a rigorous athletic  training. They spent about 45 minutes talking to Elder Bean about their knee problems which were much the same in both cases. He listened to them and then gave them some good explanations of what they needed to do to get better and he gave the limitations of how to keep from injuring their knees further, They told him the Orthopedic doctor that they had visited had done very little talking and just gave them a knee brace and some pills and patches. They had learned so much more from this visit and they were so grateful. They were on spits which means, one of them was temporarily in a new area--what are the chances that these two being in the right place at the right time to be able to see Elder Bean who is an expert for their problem. They kept saying over and over again how the Lord had provided a way for them to get some extra help. Their faith in the Lord brought the miracle.

Elders Erickson, Bean, and Laws in the Allgiaer's apartment.

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