Sunday, November 23, 2014

Florida Orlando Mission Zone Conference was outstanding

Zone Conference for the Florida Orlando Mission was Tuesday and Wednesday November 17-18 from 9am until 4pm with an hours break for lunch--provided by a Relief Society. The agenda was:
*Sister Berry spoke about reading and studying the General Conference talks and writing down the things our prophets asked us to do, than trying a little harder to do a little better.
*Several missionaries were asked to share some miracles that have occurred because they were boulder about talking to everyone and if inspired talk to them about the restored gospel.
*President Berry spoke on Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End (our missionary purpose). Turn your hearts to God in faith. Everyone needs repentance--some need to repent of serious sins and some need to make incremental improvements. Stand spotless before God through baptism and becoming more like HIM. Ask inspired questions to investigators, invite them to repent. Tell stories from your own experiences--speak from your heart. Pray specifically for your investigators and their personal challenges.
*Song by Sister Woolley and Elder Vailea--"Praise to the Man".
* The Prophet, Joseph Smith Jr. came for a surprise visit and bore his testimony of the truthfulness of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. (Elder Waller)
*President Wood, a counselor in the mission presidency reminded us to speak simply so a child can understand.
*Sister Trainer Leaders talked about weekly i-pad planning--power planning--they challenged the missionaries to fill up every hour.
* The Missionaries (including the seniors) were told about a Family History booklet "My Family" and given the assignment to fill the booklet out, which includes entering ones four- generations family tree with some info about the ancestors on the tree. After filling out your own booklet then get a copy for investigators and new members and help them fill out one. The spirit of Elijah will fill their heart. Set up a second baptismal date for the new member to attend the temple and do baptisms for persons on their tree who have passed.
*Challenge--read the NEW TESTAMENT in 70 days.
*role playing--each zone practiced talking to people they meet in sundry situations.
*Brother Herzog, church public relations representative, told us that "The Book of Mormon Musical" was coming to Orlando. He gave us guide lines how to answer questions we might get from someone who has gone to the musical--Answer the question calmly, simply, and correctly. Bridge from the question with a statement of truth about the restored gospel. Testify of how the Book of Mormon has helped you in your life. Invite the to learn more about the church.

The Prophet Joseph Smith Junior came for a surprise visit

Leesburg Zone

Daytona Zone

Orlando Zone

Hunters Creek Zone

Orlando South Zone

Cocoa Zone

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Elders Erickson and Laws--a tender mercy

While we were at the Allgiaer's apartment Elder Dr A arranged for Elder Dr. Bean to met up with two  young Elders with knee problems--when I first met them I saw a brightness about them that was very special. They both have knee problems too complicated for me to explain. This situation was a tender mercy of the Lord. These faithful elders are athletes who are soon to go home and will be in a rigorous athletic  training. They spent about 45 minutes talking to Elder Bean about their knee problems which were much the same in both cases. He listened to them and then gave them some good explanations of what they needed to do to get better and he gave the limitations of how to keep from injuring their knees further, They told him the Orthopedic doctor that they had visited had done very little talking and just gave them a knee brace and some pills and patches. They had learned so much more from this visit and they were so grateful. They were on spits which means, one of them was temporarily in a new area--what are the chances that these two being in the right place at the right time to be able to see Elder Bean who is an expert for their problem. They kept saying over and over again how the Lord had provided a way for them to get some extra help. Their faith in the Lord brought the miracle.

Elders Erickson, Bean, and Laws in the Allgiaer's apartment.

Mission Presidents Conference

Atlanta Airport Marriott--Mission Presidents Conference
On Thursday evening the Area Medical Advisers (Dr. Allgiaer and Dr. Bean) and Assistant Area Medical Advisers (Vicki and Jolynn) were invited to attend the formal dinner at the MP Conference. We ate pork chops, salad, veggies, and peach cobbler al'amode. Elder Ulisses Soares, Elder Craig Zwick, and Elder Erich Kopischke resided over the Conference. At the dinner Sister Anita Kopischke immediately came up and talked to us with so much love and enthusiasm. Come to find out they live in Farmington, Utah--moved from Germany 2 years ago. She put us at ease..
The Mission President's wives met separately on Friday morning. They were given instruction from the wives of the residing authorities and then at the end, the medical advisers were given one hour to answer questions. I learned so much from this conference--so uplifting--I can do a little better.
That was it--Thursday night dinner and Friday morning meeting with the wives. We ate lunch, packed up our bags and drove back to Florida

North America South East Area Mission President's wives with Sister Kopischke, Sister Soares, and Sister Zwick (centered)

Trip to Atlanta, Georgia

Sister Bean driving in the Atlanta area
We drove to Atlanta Georgia on Wednesday morning to spend time with the Allgiaers before we were scheduled to attend the Mission President's Conference.  Atlanta is having a beautiful fall--something we just don't see in Orlando--but whose complaining we have balmy air and palm trees. We met the Allgaiers for dinner. It was so wonderful to see them and talk about our experiences as Area Medical Advisers. They travel more than we do and we are more involved in the senior district that they are. They never go to the mission office and we go to the office every day. After dinner we went to the Atlanta Temple.

The beautiful fall leaves near our hotel.
Allgaiers at the Flying Biscuit Cafe--Sandy Springs location.

The Atlanta Temple located in Sandy Springs

On Thursday morning we drove to Peach Tree City (South Atlanta) to the Allgiaers apartment. It is located in a beautiful wooded area 10 minutes from the Atlanta Mission Home and Mission Office and has beautiful mansions among forested gentle rolling hills. Their three bedroom apartment matches ours in size and comfort. We both find ourselves in simple but nice circumstances as we serve the Lord. Allgiaers took us to visit  Senoia. Sundry movies have been filmed here including "Fried Green Tomatoes" and "Driving Miss Daisy" It is presently the filming location for the popular television series "Walking Dead". We browsed in the Woodbury Shoppe--certified retailers of all things"Walking Dead". We also browsed other shoppes and antique stores. The Elders were more adventurous and walked near the "Walking Dead" filming set and talked to the security guard there even though there were NO ENTRANCE signs. We ate lunch at the Redneck Gourmet and had fried green tomatoes on a redneck burger--yum!

The redneck burger has fried green tomatoes on top
There are over 20 movies filmed in Senoia

Friday, November 7, 2014

Elder and SIster Bean Hosted a Halloween Party

We hosted a Halloween party for the senior district in our small apartment. There were 16 that attended. After eating Chili, mummy dogs, and treats we played Moffia. It was a fun night!
President and Sister Berry--"I used this spider when I taught pre-school years ago."

Elder and Sister Busath in their bright orange shirts and glow lights..
Elder and Sister Spencer--2 bags of leaves
Elder and Sister Johnson with her cute witch hat.
Sister Nielson is the sweetest witch I've met.
Elder Nielson got that colorful tie 47 years ago on his mission.
The hat was "a find" and very typical of missionaries in the 60's

Center piece for our table.

. Elder and Sister Clare (right) and Elder and Sister M Johnson (below) drove for over an hour  to get here.We appreciate their presence. We love the senior couples that serve in our mission.
Elder Bean carved oranges.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Missionary Minded

Sister Berry put a package of M&M's in the Mission Office to remind us to be Missionary Minded. President Berry asked us to keep a boulder in our pocket or purse at all times. It reminds us to be boulder as we share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Wednesday while Elder Bean and I were on our morning walk on the running track at the Middle School near our Apartment we started talking to a lady. We found out she was from Michigan and had moved to Orlando just 2 months ago. I asked her if she would like to go to church and she asked us where it was located. Then she gave us her info. I told her the nearest meeting house was on Wetherbee Road. I felt so excited when I was able to contact her. I love the positive promises and blessings that the gospel provides. It show us the way to strengthen families.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November Arrivals, Transferes,and Departures

Left: Sister Bean and Allison posing together after transfers. She served in the Kissimmee Ward with us and is going home this week--she plays the violin and used her talents in sacrament meetings and baptisms.
Below: Sister Moffitt was transferred today and is leaving the Kissimmee Ward. She has the most beautiful voice and used her talents to bring the spirit. We will miss them both.
New Missionaries Arrived 3 Nov 2014 Sisters Mackley, Hampton, Hales, Webb, Bronson, Nix, Fiefia, Elders Pinate, Willard,Pyle,Oxborrow, Johnson, Jennings, Hoskin, Clark, Bakley.
Departing Missionaries at the Mission Home--Sisters Pugmire, Ackley, Thomson, Hiatt, Dingess, Wells, Parker,,Monson, Ashley,  Bowman, Collins, Jamison, Elders Baldibinos, Ssocarras, Cushing,, Steed

Monday, November 3, 2014

Trunk n Treat and chili cook off at Kissimmee Ward

Above: Ruby Harper and Fletcher dressed up for "Trunk and Treat" Tuesday at the Kissimmee Ward--the weather was beautiful!
Left: Sisters Hansen, Olsen, Moffitt, Bernier dressed up as Nephites--their tunic is made out of a $3.00 sheet from Goodwill. They had an "Iron Rod" lit up with orange lights and "The Tree of Life" attached to the bike rack near their trunk.
Below: Elders Call and Jeppsen could be either Nephites or Lamanites.

Above: James Harper better known as Junior, dressed up for Ward Party in his S.W.A.T. uniform.
Right: Hazel Harper with her fairy wings, Jamie Harper has some nasty cuts on her face, and brother Job as swamp man.
Below: Maibelline Harper (in the turquoise sweater) has purple streaks in her hair, purple glasses and a stylish mustache.