Monday, October 27, 2014

We had lunch at Breakers on New Smyrna Beach then we took "The Booth" to the Deland Fall Festival.

Overview--Saturday 25 October 2014 Elder Bean and I: 9 am--drove to Ovieto to pick up the booth from the College Park Sisters. 10 am--shopped at Goodwill. 11 am--drove to New Smyrna Beach. 12 noon--ate lunch at Brakers. 1pm--shopped on Flagger Ave. in NSB. 2pm--met Elder and Sister Boynton and walked along the beach and got our feet wet then did some more shopping. 4pm--drove to Deland to set up the booth for their fall festival. 5-8pm--hung out at the Deland Fall Festival. 8pm--packed up the booth and washed the car. 9pm--drove to Ovieto to return "The Booth" to the College Park Sisters 10pm--drove home.

 NEW SMYRNA BEACH was beautiful. The water was 72*, a lovely sea breeze blew our hair, there are miles and miles of  flat sandy beach. We drove our car onto the beach and parked--10mph--lights on--one window rolled down. We ate lunch at "Breakers". Pictured on the right is Elder Bean enjoying lunch. We faced outwards to an open window and watched the ocean while eating delicious Shrimp and Seared Tuna Salad. There are fun shops along Flagger Ave so we did a lot of browsing.  Later we met Elder and Sister Boynton, had a great visit while splashing our feet in the water and shopping a little more, Sister Boynton grew up on West Coasts and loves the beach.

 DELAND FALL FESTIVAL. The main reason we drove so far East was to take the booth to the Deland Stake Fall Festival. There was a dunking contraption, a cake walk, hot dogs with sundry toppings, candy cotton, haunted house, empanadas, popcorn, costumes, treats, and missionaries.

Above, Spanish Elders Sherwin, Stanford,  and Bailey made the huge El Libro De Mormon for the festival.
Left: Sisters Fairbanks, Peterson, Arsenault, and Lynch in their costumes.
Below: Elders Olson, Cooper, Hamp, Cushing manning the booth. There were only a few non members but they passed out treats to everyone. We ate dinner at the festival with an investigator. 

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