Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Moving Elder and Sister Hansen and a visit to Sebastian Inlet State Park

After we helped the Hansen's move from Titusville to Palm Bay we ate lunch with all the seniors. (We have a green couch exactly like that one), Then we went to Sebastian Inlet State Park to enjoy snorkeling. It was not a good experience. The current was swift and just as we got in the water a fisherman threw his line 30 feet in front of us. I really panicked and struggled to get out. We both got scratches while climbing out of the current to the safety of the rocks that were covered with barnacles.
We ran into the Evans family from Kissimmee Ward. Brother Evans told us that boats capsize all the time in the mouth of the inlet because the water current whirlpools as it hits rocks and spins. I have no idea why it was recommended as a good spot to snorkel, but it is great for salt water fishing. Brother Evans also told us that Central Florida's best snorkeling is in natural springs. We went to a nearby beach and watched some surfers and enjoyed a picnic dinner together. Then we drove home on H 192 past the church ranch.

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