Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Early Morning priesthood blessing to Alexander Smith

In My name they shall heal the sick: D&C 84:68
We met Paul and Jane Brock 30 years ago in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. They connected us with Alexander--his mother, also from Ft. Walton, works with the Brock's at church. Alexander, a cancer patient, was having major abdominal surgery to remove his lymph nodes on Thursday morning, October 2nd. His mother called us the night before to ask us if we would give him a blessing. The tricky part--he was going into the hospital at 5:30am and we live an hour from the Florida Hospital. However, we are so glad we got up at 3:30am to meet him there at 5:15am. We went into the Hospital Chapel where Elder Bean gave him a beautiful blessing of comfort, healing, and guidance to the surgeons. We have been getting plenty of sleep on this mission so it didn't hurt us a bit to rise early. When we were leaving the hospital we were in high spirits and Elder Bean thanked me for coming with him. It was one of our most spiritual experiences.
By stretching forth thine hand to heal: Acts 4:30

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