Monday, October 27, 2014

We had lunch at Breakers on New Smyrna Beach then we took "The Booth" to the Deland Fall Festival.

Overview--Saturday 25 October 2014 Elder Bean and I: 9 am--drove to Ovieto to pick up the booth from the College Park Sisters. 10 am--shopped at Goodwill. 11 am--drove to New Smyrna Beach. 12 noon--ate lunch at Brakers. 1pm--shopped on Flagger Ave. in NSB. 2pm--met Elder and Sister Boynton and walked along the beach and got our feet wet then did some more shopping. 4pm--drove to Deland to set up the booth for their fall festival. 5-8pm--hung out at the Deland Fall Festival. 8pm--packed up the booth and washed the car. 9pm--drove to Ovieto to return "The Booth" to the College Park Sisters 10pm--drove home.

 NEW SMYRNA BEACH was beautiful. The water was 72*, a lovely sea breeze blew our hair, there are miles and miles of  flat sandy beach. We drove our car onto the beach and parked--10mph--lights on--one window rolled down. We ate lunch at "Breakers". Pictured on the right is Elder Bean enjoying lunch. We faced outwards to an open window and watched the ocean while eating delicious Shrimp and Seared Tuna Salad. There are fun shops along Flagger Ave so we did a lot of browsing.  Later we met Elder and Sister Boynton, had a great visit while splashing our feet in the water and shopping a little more, Sister Boynton grew up on West Coasts and loves the beach.

 DELAND FALL FESTIVAL. The main reason we drove so far East was to take the booth to the Deland Stake Fall Festival. There was a dunking contraption, a cake walk, hot dogs with sundry toppings, candy cotton, haunted house, empanadas, popcorn, costumes, treats, and missionaries.

Above, Spanish Elders Sherwin, Stanford,  and Bailey made the huge El Libro De Mormon for the festival.
Left: Sisters Fairbanks, Peterson, Arsenault, and Lynch in their costumes.
Below: Elders Olson, Cooper, Hamp, Cushing manning the booth. There were only a few non members but they passed out treats to everyone. We ate dinner at the festival with an investigator. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Moving Elder and Sister Hansen and a visit to Sebastian Inlet State Park

After we helped the Hansen's move from Titusville to Palm Bay we ate lunch with all the seniors. (We have a green couch exactly like that one), Then we went to Sebastian Inlet State Park to enjoy snorkeling. It was not a good experience. The current was swift and just as we got in the water a fisherman threw his line 30 feet in front of us. I really panicked and struggled to get out. We both got scratches while climbing out of the current to the safety of the rocks that were covered with barnacles.
We ran into the Evans family from Kissimmee Ward. Brother Evans told us that boats capsize all the time in the mouth of the inlet because the water current whirlpools as it hits rocks and spins. I have no idea why it was recommended as a good spot to snorkel, but it is great for salt water fishing. Brother Evans also told us that Central Florida's best snorkeling is in natural springs. We went to a nearby beach and watched some surfers and enjoyed a picnic dinner together. Then we drove home on H 192 past the church ranch.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

October Senior District Activity--Winter Park Boat Toar

Sat. 18 Oct. 2014--This is perhaps the best weather we have ever experienced since coming to Florida. Glorious day for a boat ride on a chain of Lakes in Winter Park. The boat started out on Lake Virginia, we went through a canal to Lake Maitland, then another canal to Lake Mizell--definitely worth much more than the $12 admission. Our tour guide pointed out all the multi-million dollar houses along the water, one belonged to the late Mr. Rogers--rich neighborhood--Yes I'd like to be his neighbor.
     Rollins College Campus was one of the original buildings on the Lake Front. It is noted to be one of the most beautiful campuses in the US. The college has a rowing and a water skiing team that train here for the olympics.
     We didn't see any but there are alligators in this water--when then get over 6-7 feet long they carefully remove them and put them in Lake Jessop (20 miles away). It is estimated that Lake Jessop has over 90,000 gators.
     The seniors we enjoyed the day with are L-R Elders and Sisters Busath, Clare, Johnson, Bean, and Nielson (not pictured). As we were exiting the boat Sister Johnson said, the company is better than the boat ride. So true.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Missionary Apartment Inspections

Elders Izatt and Thompson are serving in St Cloud.

Zone leaders Elders Jeppson and Call serve in Kissimmee Ward

Sisters Collins and Buxton serve in St. Cloud Ward
 This week we inspected 6 apartments of the six companionships pictured. We were given a checklist of things to look for in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. We also checked the furnace filters, lint traps, and and emergency preparedness packets.
Elder Bean and I were very pleased--for the most part--things were clean, clutter free, and in good shape. Sweet is the Work! These are choice young adults doing The Lords Work to bring the Restored Gospel to those here in Florida.
Sisters Moffitt and Berrnier serving in Kissimmee Ward
Sisters Hansen and Olsen of Kissimmee--Spanish

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Harper Family--Kissimmee Ward

Bear ye one another's burdens: Gal. 6:2
The Harper Family: Maibelline (12), James (father), Baby Fletcher, James Jr.(2), Ruby (mother), Hazel(6), Jamie(10). Elder Bean took this picture in front of the church just before daddy went into prison for 5 years. Such a sad story. It has been so hard on mom. She has basically lost everything. The up side of all this Ruby and the two oldest girls were baptized in July and she has had a lot of support from the Kissimmee Ward.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Early Morning priesthood blessing to Alexander Smith

In My name they shall heal the sick: D&C 84:68
We met Paul and Jane Brock 30 years ago in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. They connected us with Alexander--his mother, also from Ft. Walton, works with the Brock's at church. Alexander, a cancer patient, was having major abdominal surgery to remove his lymph nodes on Thursday morning, October 2nd. His mother called us the night before to ask us if we would give him a blessing. The tricky part--he was going into the hospital at 5:30am and we live an hour from the Florida Hospital. However, we are so glad we got up at 3:30am to meet him there at 5:15am. We went into the Hospital Chapel where Elder Bean gave him a beautiful blessing of comfort, healing, and guidance to the surgeons. We have been getting plenty of sleep on this mission so it didn't hurt us a bit to rise early. When we were leaving the hospital we were in high spirits and Elder Bean thanked me for coming with him. It was one of our most spiritual experiences.
By stretching forth thine hand to heal: Acts 4:30