Monday, September 15, 2014

Utah Connections

 One of the greatest moments in our mission is when we meet some one from Utah. Elder Haddock is the next door neighbor to our daughter Suzanne in Bountiful. The Haddocks are great neighbors--our grandchildren have done a lot of swimming in their pool. So glad he introduced himself to us--Suzanne said that he was serving in Fort Lauderdale. He will be home for Christmas.

We also were able to meet Elder and Sister Mills who are serving in Key West. They are Member Leader Support for the missionaries and members in the farthest Southern Florida. They were neighbors to my sister Martha Rushforth. Wow, they think a lot of Martha and Craig and I couldn't agree with them more. They sold their house in Kaysville and are not sure where they will live when they get off their mission. Sister Mills said that she provides food for a linger longer after church every week. That is tricky since it is hard to know how many will be there. What a great service--sweet is the work.

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