Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sunday Evening with the Pratts

Kael, Nan, and Dr. Pratt

At the Kissimmee ward today (August 31) we met Sister Pratt for the first time—so genuine and down to earth. We met Brother Dr. Pratt the first week we attended. He is an OB/GYN that works for the State of Florida doing OB for indigent patients. She spent the summer in Utah/Idaho and when we met she said: “I made some extra chili, would you like to come to dinner?  Wow, what a treat! The Pratt’s are beyond wonderful. They have 8 children and 21 grandchildren (one son has 11)--he was Mission President in France 2002-05 and just got released as Stake President.
Just to let you know how kind they are—Kael ate dinner with us. She was introduced as their adopted daughter. They have taken her into their life and include her for holidays and weekends. She is a brilliant girl who is emotionally damaged because her father abused her. 

The orchard pictured on the right was damaged by Hurricane Charley that came through this area in 2004. One of the trees that survived is now loaded with key limes.

 Their home is set under tall trees on a 7 acre farm, a citrus grove, grass fed beef grazing in a lush green rye field, a swimming pool attached to the back of their kitchen. They have a huge barn that was built by a contractor with the help of their teenage boys. They have used this barn for ward parties.
  We had 2 wonderful hours together including evening chores—corralling the calves from their mothers for the night. In the morning Dr. Pratt will milk the cows before he goes to work. They drink raw milk and have chickens for fresh farm eggs.

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