Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Busy Week--Three Baptisms in Kissimmee Ward

Sister Allison, Lynda Carta, Sister Moffitt

23 August—Lynda Carta got baptized Saturday evening –her ordinance was performed by Brother Chris Underwood.  I love her story. Lynda has been a church going Christian but a few months ago she became disillusioned with her church and quit going. She was feeling very depressed and did a lot of praying for help. Out of the blue she called her brother who lives and California. He had been a rebel and they were not close, in fact she it had been over a year since she had talked to him. He sounded so excited to talk to her and mentioned how happy he was. He had joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints six years earlier and he told her how happy he was. She told him how unhappy she was, so he asked her if he could tell his bishop to send the missionaries to teach her. She was good with that—the very next afternoon two sister missionaries, Moffitt and Allison appeared at her door. You know the rest of the story: they taught her, she came to church, within a month she was baptized—and so happy!

Just a note about the referral system—The Church has a world-wide referral system: Lynda’s brother in California gave his Bishop Lynda’s address in Florida. The bishop then sent her info to the referral center. The mission office in Orlando Florida where she resides received the referral and sent a text message to the missionaries closest to her home. The missionaries received the text in the morning and were knocking at her door that afternoon. Bravo to technology—in this case it took less than 24 hours. Any one can send a referral via the internet at --“Meet the missionaries”.

Baptism of Shyanne Wilson and Maibelene Harper.
August 26, Maibelene Harper & Shyanne Wilson were baptized. It was Tuesday evening--young men/young women activity night--without a doubt a great night to have two young women get baptized because they have their peers to support them. Elder Call and Elder Jeppson, pictured on the right were the missionaries that taught them. Maibelene's mom and sister were baptized before we were assigned to attend the Kissimmee Ward. Dr. Bean had been sick the baptism day so we stayed home from the Mission Office. He was still feeling very uncomfortable at the baptism so we left quickly after the service. I made a pizza for the Harper family that day and gave it to them at the baptism. I think it was the first time we have stayed in our apartment for the day since we came on our mission.

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