Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Zone Conference--Florida, Fort Lauderdale Mission

On Monday evening Elder Bean and I drove south to the Fort Lauderdale mission home to stay with President and Sister Richardson for four days of Zone Conferences. Sister Richardson is in the orange skirt. She is very kind to all the missionaries. She loves and understands them and helps them along in such an encouraging way. She talked at the conferences about fire safety in the kitchen. Apparently there have been couple of kitchen fires because someone left hot grease cooking on the stove. Elder Bean talked to them about injury prevention and the importance of eating a balanced diet.  He also talked to some select few missionaries with orthopedic problems. I have enjoyed the meetings and the missionaries and have done indexing and family history on my computer during the meetings. President Richardson is a dynamic speaker. He told the missionaries they needed to keep in contact with the people they baptize. They are encouraged to have dinner in five members homes with those newly baptized--that way they can feel more comfortable at church because they know someone. We had a great Italian dinner and a Columbian dinner, we drove to Miami Beach, and attended the Fort Lauderdale Temple.

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