Saturday, August 2, 2014

Trip to Florida's East Coast

     Our last day of training/interviews we drove to Florida's East Coast to Chapels in Rockledge and Melbourne, Florida. We arrived an hour early so we had time to drive over two bridges onto Merritt island and walk along the shore of Cocoa Beach just South of Cape Canaveral. We were with Elder and Sister Nielson, the nurse--we laughed at ourselves because there we were dressed for a church meeting on the beach--not exactly fitting attire. With our shoes off it felt great to feel the sand on our toes just long enough to shoot some photos. Sister Berry was jealous that we went without her. LOL
     This was a great day for my Family History research--the FH library was open at Rockledge, I found the Lodge family and entered them into Family Tree plus that day I received an email with Charles Finely Wilkinson's obituary that confirmed that his mother maiden name was Lodge--honestly a find like that is more exciting to me than being on Cocoa Beach. 
     We finished up at the Church in Melbourne around 6:30pm just in time for dinner! As luck would have it we found a restaurant with the best Coconut Tilapia, Rosemary Bread, and Key Lime Pie. It was to die for--the only thing better would be able to share it with my family. I am so grateful that a loving Heavenly Father has made it possible for families to be together forever because right now I'm missing my family. Thank goodness for Sunday evening Google chat.


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