Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Senior District Evening with Elder and Sister Hamula

Monday, 18 August 2014-- The Senior District Left to Right: Elders and Sisters Western, Pratt, Boynton, Nielsen, Claire, Busath, Hamula, Berry, E. Johnson, Bean, Hansen, Spencer, M. Johnson
We had a wonderful evening together--yummy dinner with some of the best pie of every variety for dessert. Then we went into the Relief Society Room and the Hamula's spoke to us. First of all Elder Hamula asked President and Sister Berry's to introduce every senior individually and their assignment. They were so complimentary and we all felt so loved. Added to that was sister Hamula, who thanked us from the bottom of her heart and tears in her eyes for supporting the mission. The Hamula's have been mission presidents in Washington DC South 20 years ago and they know what a great help they received from senior couples. Then Elder Hamula spoke and by then I was in tears because he quoted from Doctrine and Covenants 31:2-7 ". . . I will bless you and your family,  yea, you and your little ones. . ." He told us not to worry about our families and promised us we would be blessed because of our mission. This is such a short time to serve. I know the Hamula's miss their family as well. Three of their children are serving missions right now (including a set of twin boys) and they have spent 5 years in the Pacific Islands as area president--very dedicated and very blessed.

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