Saturday, August 9, 2014

National Family Night out in Clermont, Florida

This is our second evening with the booth! Tuesday 5 August 2014 we drove to Clermont Florida to the "National Family Night Out". There were several of rows of vendors with food and information. All the food samples were free. Elder's Jacobsen and Gale helped us set up the cabana, video player, pamphlets, Books of Mormon, and posters. We had a heavy rain storm while we were driving to Clermont then like a bath room shower as quick as it started it stopped--leaving us with a beautiful evening, still very humid. The other missionaries that served at the booth were Elders Anderson and Hemsley with Sisters Ackley and Lokotui. They were talking to someone with questions and interested the entire evening.
 On our way to Clermont we stopped at Sports Authority to buy stakes to anchor the cabana. There was an employee that looked at my badge and said, "The Church of Jesus Christ" you know I pray every day. My mom is a Catholic and my dad is a Christian. I would like to go to your Church. So I had him fill out a referral card so we could send the missionaries to teach him. It was that easy. It is what we call a golden contact. Many people are not interested in learning more about the restored Gospel but there are some that are very willing to listen and learn and study and pray to find out for themselves if it is true. At the end of our wonderful evening Elder Bean gave the Elders a twenty dollar bill and told them to buy a treat. We took the sisters with us for frozen yogurt.

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